Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Bonus blog!!


This is my first ever nominated award! Thanks to Miss Hannah over at Sassy Girl’s Journey for nominating me! Her blog covers a range of topics from general life experiences, to talking about pop culture and getting attached to fictional characters (Don’t we all?). Go check her out 🙂

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Update on Us

Update on Us

Hey all! Hope you enjoyed the previous recap of my Peru adventures! It was definitely a Trip of a Lifetime, and I’d love to do one again (when I have money for it 😛 )

Speaking of a “trip of a liftetime”, on March 25, Rory and I tied the knot. We had good Fortune in that the rain held off on the day. Sure it spat a little, but it wasn’t the downpour that the weather had been threatening! It was an amazing day.  Anyway, I’m probably going to do write a long blog post babbling about everything and everyone. We took a lot of photos, professional, on cameras, phones, and on my little instax camera! Our guest book is filled with little photos and notes from everyone. I’ll save all the details for a later, crazy long post. Here’s a sneaky few shots from our day though 😀

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Dense (WPC)

Dense (WPC)

This week, I looked back through my photos and thought of how to interpret Dense. I landed on a few photos. They’re all nature related. I’ll show each one and explain how I think it fits the theme.

Dec.21.2013 Looking up a tree

This first one is of a tree. I think it was in Pollard Park again. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, if someone knows, then let me know 🙂

All I know is that I was very impressed by the magnitude and density of this tree. It was huge, and incredibly thick.


This one was from Tongariro Crossing. We did this last month in February, and it was incredible. The beginning part surrounded you with wetlands, filled with dense grass and rocks. The whole walk itself is definitely a must do in New Zealand. It takes you through an amazing range of terrain.


Another nature one! This time from my time doing the Salkantay Trek. The last part of the second day took us through an amazing forest. In fact, it was the top part of the Amazon Rainforest, which I have also been lucky enough to visit.  You can also see how dense the fog is at the top of the picture.

So there you go, that’s my multiple entries into the weekly photo challenge. Normally, I try to narrow it down to one. But the topic is so interpretive, that I wanted to show all my ideas! I hope you had fun looking at the photos, I’m going to go have a look at what others have done too!


Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest

Iquitos was our last stop in this month long Peru Trip. We arrived at the airport and were immediately picked up to go to our lodge in the Rainforest. We spent five days in the Amazon Rainforest, getting amazing catered meals, going out on tour everyday, seeing an amazing range of animals and sights, and constantly battling mosquitos. Being there everyday felt magical, like we had taken an Elixir (see what I did there), and been transported to another world.


Peru Adventures – Part 9. Amazon Rainforest

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Ica (and Huacachina)

Ica (and Huacachina)

Ica threw us into the desert part of Peru. It was also my introduction to how I don’t cope well in 30 degrees heat. I get very cranky and I’m constantly aware of how sweaty I feel. That may also have been related to me being sick during this leg of the trip. But we soldiered on, determined to soak in as much as we can, including spending a night in Huacachina, a neat little oasis just next to Ica.


Peru Adventures – Part 7. Ica (and Huacachina)

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Salkantay Trek

Salkantay Trek

The Inca trail is the best known track to hike up to Machu Picchu. It’s extremely popular, and books out very fast. For our trek up, we decided to choose the road less travelled. We went with the Salkantay Route. We booked a five day tour with Salkantay Trekking, as they came highly recommended. It was certainly one of hardest and most rewarding treks I’ve ever done.

Sarah, me, Julie, Ally, Ash, Brent, Rebecca, Andrew, and Charlie

Peru Travels – Part 5. Salkantay Trek

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