We visited these three in the same day. After not being able to get into the Opera House the first time we went, we decided to stop by some of the nearby attractions. It was a big day of walking all around.

2016-09-04 10.05.33

Sydney Travels – Part Four. Sydney Tower, Sydney Museum and Art Gallery of NSW

Sydney Tower was our first stop on our second day in Sydney. It’s the highest point in Sydney, and therefore offers panoramic views of the city. It really gave me a sense of just how huge the city is. It seemed like it never ended on all sides. What’s crazier to think is the fact that there are many cities even bigger than Sydney. It makes me want to travel more.

2016-09-04 10.07.472016-09-04 10.12.47

The lift ride up was very fun and fast. They also have a camera feed showing you the other elevator which is going the other way. It makes for some brief entertainment. I didn’t care much for the 4D show that you go through before going up into the viewing area.

After leaving the tower, we continued walking up towards Sydney CBD. A few things caught my eye. One beingĀ Il Porcellino, the other was the State Library of NSW (which we ran out time to go visit).

2016-09-04 10.38.56

Next up was the Museum of Sydney.

2016-09-04 12.01.19

This museum was smaller than expected, but that didn’t dampen the experience. We were able to take our time and go through the whole museum in around an hour, something which isn’t normally possible in most museums.

2016-09-04 12.25.55

Finally, our last stop of the day was the Art Gallery of NSW.

2016-09-04 15.21.36

The best part of this is that it’s free to the public. There are lots of collections to see here, and often they have events going on.

2016-09-04 15.25.16

I’ve always liked Renaissance paintings, not sure if there’s a particular reason why. It’s the area I spent the most time in, looking around. The areas were broken up by years and styles. There was a few interactive areas. One let you try your hand at the art of calligraphy, and one let you become the subject in frames.

I’ll be honest, we were running out of steam by this point in the day, so we didn’t stay too long. But all the places mentioned above are worth a visit if you’re in Sydney. Maybe not all in one day though…take your time.


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