Hyde Park and Luna Park. Both are parks in Sydney, but very different kinds.

2016-09-04 16.17.05

Sydney Travels – Part Five. Parks

We travelled through a fair number of parks while in Sydney, but the only one which name I can remember, is of Hyde Park. Once while walking through, we saw two bridal couples getting photos taken. It is a beautiful spot. It looks even better when the lights are on at night.

The park also had a fancy looking fountain that was always surround by people. There was even a man at one point who had one of those giant bubble wands. This park seemed like a hotspot for locals to come and hang out.

Luna Park is an amusement park at Milsons Point. It was fun to get there as we got to go through the subway and take the train. Taking the ferry seemed more confusing. The main reason I wanted to go there was because of this:

2016-09-09 11.03.02

I saw the photo of this when we went to Museum of Sydney, and immediately wanted to go there. The fact that it’s an amusement park was even better. There was a poster showing how it changed over the years. I think it’s gotten better.

2016-09-09 11.04.45

There aren’t many rides here. But they’re still a decent amount of fun that’ll take up your day. We went on every single one pretty much, there were a few heart stoppers.

2016-09-09 13.14.45

The Hair Raiser (the blue tower) is pretty much like a fear fall. You get raised up 50m, then dropped down. Rory and I spent some time sitting down and watching people get on this ride. Watching their emotions go from excited to nervous to anxious/terrified then relief was entertaining.

Wild Mouse (tracks on the right) was fun, mainly because it felt like you could get chucked out the side when it suddenly turned sideways. Its completely safe of course, but turning so suddenly gives you that adrenalin rush which I really enjoyed.

Tango Train was another one I enjoyed, particularly the Wild ride. You can’t see it pictured above though.

Tumble Bug was also a lot of fun. You pretty much get whirled around, up and down, side to side. Good fun.

Not in any of the pictures, is the Power Surge. It was in Luna  Park for a limited time, and I had been on it once before at Rainbow’s End in Auckland. I talked Rory into going on it with me. We both regretted it once the ride was going, and will never go on it again. Look it up if you want to find out more.

Coney Island is worth a visit. I think it’s more aimed towards those who can’t go on all the rides, but it has games, slides, mirror mazes, etc that all ages can enjoy. I really liked the Devil’s Drop slide, that was another heart drop moment. We’d never been inside a ‘haunted house’ before, so the Mystery Manor was really entertaining. It’s probably fun to work there and scare people on a daily basis.

2016-09-09 12.16.32

All in all, Luna Park was a fun way to spend our last morning out in Sydney. I’d definitely recommend it if you have time.


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