Living near town means that I often walk around on the weekend, either shopping, going to cafes or just hanging out. I thought I’d share some of these places that I like to walk around.

The waterfront is one of my favourite places  to walk around. It is where Te Papa is located, as well as Frank Kitts Park, the lagoon, and is often host to a lot of city events. For example, Guy Fawkes Night, Farmers Market, etc. There’s always something going on here.

If you keep walking down the Waterfront, you’ll see Frank Kitts Park, the Lagoon, TSB Bank Arena, and end up at the Station and Ferry Terminal. Going the other way, you see Te Papa, Waitangi Park, and eventually cross into Oriental Bay. Walking from one side of the waterfront to the other takes me around an hour. It’s a flat walk, no hills, so it’s nice to just cruise along and see what’s going on.

Waitangi Park also hosts a number of events, the most recent being Homegrown. I was last there last year for Guy Fawkes there was a number of rides and carnival food stalls around.


Oriental Bay is one of the nicest beaches in Wellington. You can rent a crocodile bike and explore the city that way, or just walk along. People traffic is always very heavy around here.

Cuba Street boasts a number of more eclectic shops, cafes, and restaurants. I often go to Iko Iko, as I like seeing what new knick knacks and gift ideas they have. There is a range of cafes, run by locals and everyone is welcome.

Courtenay Place is another good area for cafes (to be honest, Wellington has cafes pretty much everywhere). Sweet Mother’s Kitchen is very popular, they do New Orleans style. In peak hours, it’s almost impossible to get a seat there. Blondini’s is a cafe attached to the Embassy theatre, you’re allowed to bring it with you into the movies which is handy. Five Boroughs is a diner-inspired restaurant and has the best milkshakes I’ve ever had anywhere.

Finally, I’ll end on a picture of the Tardis Elevator. It’s in a little hidden spot in an arcade near the end of Cuba Street. I only found it a few months ago, thanks to a friend.



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