Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love

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Hey internet,

I’m trying my hand at the daily prompt today. It’s about luck. I consider myself lucky in many ways. One, in that I found a job while being a struggling university student. I applied in the morning, and got a callback for an interview that afternoon. Three days later after a surprisingly easy interview, I had the job. Getting a job had never gone that smoothly before.

Through this job, I was lucky enough to find Rory, who I’m going to be marrying in exactly one week. Luck and chance worked together to find me a job, where my future ¬†husband was waiting.

Here’s a quick version of our love story:

  • At the end of 2011 , we met and became fast friends working together at a local supermarket.
  • A few months later, he asked for my number and asked me out on a date
  • Immediately after, we became the office gossip as we were officially dating
  • During the next year we fell in love, met each other’s respective immediate and then extended families
  • Moved in together after two years of dating
  • Lived a happy, cruisy little day to day life together for another two years. Both found steady, full time jobs that support our lifestyle.
  • After four years of being together, he proposed during a picnic on Mt Victoria
  • One year later, we’re getting married.

Photo credit to Kent Yu Photography.