Paracas was hot, but not as hot as Ica. We were back to the seaside, staying at a hostel that was across from the beach. We stayed for a couple of days, and only went touring on one of those days. The rest we used to relax and unwind after a packed couple of last weeks.


Peru Adventures – Part 8. Paracas

Let’s begin with the hostel we were staying at. Kokopelli Backpackers was another hostel that had many common areas, both inside and out. There was a number of hammocks around, and I spent most of my days lying in one reading Game of Thrones. I finished A Dance with Dragons during this time, which I consider time well spent. Sarah and I also got to chatting with other travellers and backpackers again. A few were heading to Machu Picchu in a few days time, and we were able to tell them about it. Others were able to tell us about Iquitos, as that was the next stop on our journey.

We visited the Ballestas Islands, and National Reserve, both through Nazca Flights again. The price for the Ballestas Islands trip was 65 soles  ($28 NZD), plus an entrance fee of 12 soles ($5 NZD). The price for the National Reserve was 49 soles ($21 NZD),  plus an entrance fee of  10 soles ($4 NZD).

The ferry ride out to the Ballestas Islands was enjoyable. It was a nice clear day, so we had a smooth ride out. We watched some fisherman at work, then went over to the islands to watch the seals, penguins and birds.

The National reserve took us through a number of places. We stopped off at a museum, to learn more about the history of the area. Then we went to Playa Roja (Red Beach), which was beautiful. I’ve never seen a beach like that before.  The weather got cloudy, so we couldn’t seem much at El Catedral cliffs which was a shame. We ended the tour with a lunch at a seafood restaurant at the sea side.

I also noted at this point in our holidays, that I had visible tan lines on my chest, arms and legs. The joys of travelling.

Next stop, Amazon Rainforest!



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