March Favourites

March Favourites

Hello all, here is what I’ve been liking for the month of March. This is my first monthly favourites, and I hope to keep it going as a series!



We went and saw Logan in the theatres the weekend it came out. I had high hopes as reviews were looking good. I’m a fan of the first two X-Men movies, but I do feel like they’ve run their course, especially with the Wolverine spin-offs. But this one was different. I was tense for a lot of it, and I got sucked into the story line. The acting by Jackman, Stewart and newcomer Keen was amazing. The action sequences were a blast, basically I loved it. This is by far the best X-men movie, maybe even in the cinematic marvel universe. Go see it if  you get a chance.

Your Name

Okay, so I saw this at the end of February, but I really enjoyed this movie. It’s about a girl and guy in high school who bodyswap. That’s all I’m going to leave it at, it was funny, touching, and had such beautiful cinematography, especially for an animation. It also had one hell of a plot twist.

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