So since posting my favourites of March yesterday, I thought I’d also start doing monthly posts on my top things I’ve posted on Instagram. It’s the only social media I’m really active on anymore (besides this blog) and I thought this would be a fun experimental blog for me to make. I post a LOT of photos, I try to at least limit them to one a day. At the end of each month, I’ll see what everyone liked the most, and share a little more about each photo. I’ll also upload them without the filters (I love Clarendon). Anyway, I’ll stick with a top 5, that’s a good number I think.

Got it? Okay, let’s get into it.


Engagement Photo by Kent Yu. This was posted on March 4. It was beautifully shot for our engagement shoot with Kent, and this is my personal favourite one. We shot this on Breaker Bay during ‘magic hour’ and Kent captured many beautiful moments. I posted it because it was exactly three weeks till our wedding, and I wanted to share one of our many engagement photos! I’ve used a couple more photos from this shoot in other blogs, like Discussions to Have Before Marriage and Lucky in Love.

2016-09-06 10.37.13

Rory on a Cliffside. This was posted on March 8. It was taken at the beginning part of the walk from Bondi to Coogee beach. Rory wanted to get a photo of him sitting on the edge of the cliff, so that’s what we did. It’s one of our favourite photos from the Sydney Trip. Also, do you see a black blur in the top left corner. That’s my finger. I’ve cropped it a little, because it used to be a lot worse. In my defense, it was super sunny and my screen would not brighten, so I couldn’t see what I’d done till we were back in the hotel 😦 I’m clearly not a professional photographer.

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Wedding Photo. This was uploaded on March 27. It was again taken by Kent Yu (his name pops up a few times in this post). This is one of my favourites from the wedding. Especially as we snuck off to do it, so we got a few minutes alone with each other before dinner and also got some amazing pictures during it. Win win.


Infinity Pool. This was uploaded on March 29. We are staying at Taveuni Island Resort & Spa for our honeymoon. The resort is amazing! My favourite part of it, which I went to everyday the week we were there, was the infinity pool. I’m a below average swimmer, but I did my best to float and try swim lengths. Rory and I had an amazing time.


Taveuni Sunset. This was uploaded on March 30. Another photo from our time in Fiji. We got a few crazy rainstorms, followed by some thunderstorms during our time here. But once it cleared, we got a beautiful sunset, with so many amazing colours. I felt that I had to share it on Instagram 🙂

There you have it, that was my top Instagram posts for March. The vast majority were wedding related, but seeing as I just got married, it’s what was on my mind!

Come follow me on Instagram if you’d like to see more. Also what are your popular posts from Instagram, share them down below, I’d love to see them 😀


20 thoughts on “Instagram in March

  1. Those are so beautiful shots! Those two professionals are really beautiful, especially the engagement one because of the soft lightning. But my personal no.1 is you in the pool. I love shades of blue as it makes me less stressed. Best wishes to your marriage!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow those views are absolutely breathtaking!!!! I loveee the first photo of you and your husband, so loving and sweet ❤

    xo, JJ


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