Honeymooning Through Food

Honeymooning Through Food

So for our honeymoon, we stayed at a luxury resort in Taveuni, Fiji. Taveuni Island Resort. As part of our stay here, we got fed amazing food. All three meals were catered to us, and they were huge. I’ll post later about our adventures at the resort, but the food alone deserves a post. Breakfast was five courses, lunch and dinner  were both three courses. Breakfast is served with fresh muffins, a plate of fresh fruit, and an assortment of cereals on the table ready for you to choose. You can also choose from a selection of cooked breakfasts. Lunch and dinner all have a starter, main and dessert. They offer two choices for the mains for lunch and dinner and ask you to choose one during breakfast. I took pictures every day of what I was having. That’s what this post will be about.


Breakfast – Fresh Fruit, Muffins with Butter, Pancakes and a Mocha.

Lunch – Bean Salad (starter), Fish Wrap (main), and Fresh Fruit with Ice Cream (dessert)

Dinner – Pumpkin Soup with Fresh Rolls (starter), Pickled Pork with Roasted Vegetables (main), and Pineapple Meringue with Passionfruit Ice Cream (dessert).

We also got drinks on our first night. Rory had the Taveuni Special and I had a Long Island Tea. I liked Rory’s one better though as it was more fruity so we swapped!

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