So for our honeymoon, we stayed at a luxury resort in Taveuni, Fiji. Taveuni Island Resort. As part of our stay here, we got fed amazing food. All three meals were catered to us, and they were huge. I’ll post later about our adventures at the resort, but the food alone deserves a post. Breakfast was five courses, lunch and dinner Β were both three courses. Breakfast is served with fresh muffins, a plate of fresh fruit, and an assortment of cereals on the table ready for you to choose. You can also choose from a selection of cooked breakfasts. Lunch and dinner all have a starter, main and dessert. They offer two choices for the mains for lunch and dinner and ask you to choose one during breakfast. I took pictures every day of what I was having. That’s what this post will be about.


Breakfast – Fresh Fruit, Muffins with Butter, Pancakes and a Mocha.

Lunch – Bean Salad (starter), Fish Wrap (main), and Fresh Fruit with Ice Cream (dessert)

Dinner – Pumpkin Soup with Fresh Rolls (starter), Pickled Pork with Roasted Vegetables (main), and Pineapple Meringue with Passionfruit Ice Cream (dessert).

We also got drinks on our first night. Rory had the Taveuni Special and I had a Long Island Tea. I liked Rory’s one better though as it was more fruity so we swapped!


Breakfast – Fresh Fruit, Muffins with Butter, Pancakes and a Mocha

Lunch – Cucumber Salad (starter), Honey Lemon Chicken served with Wildrice and Salad (main), and Vanilla Ice Cream with Berry Sauce (dessert).

Dinner – Rourou soup with Fresh rolls (starter), Thai Pesto Fish (main), and Cream Puffs with Chocolate Sauce (dessert).


Breakfast – Fresh Fruit, Muffins with Butter, Cereal and a Mocha

Lunch – Avocado Fan with Lemon Dressing (starter), Beef Taco with garden greens, grated cheese and carrot (main), and Roasted Coconut Balls (dessert).

Dinner – Peanut and Carrot Soup with Fresh Rolls (starter), Mix Seafood in Tomato Basil Sauce with Angel Hair Pasta (main), and Mini Triffel (dessert).


Breakfast – Fresh Fruit, Muffins with Butter, Pancakes and a Mocha


Lunch – Cucumber Salad (starter), Honey Lemon Chicken with Rice and Side Salad (main), and Fruits in Lim Syrup (dessert).

Dinner – Watercress Soup with Fresh Rolls (starter), Fish Tower with Tropical Salsa and Shoyu Sauce (main), and Banana Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream (dessert).


Breakfast – Fresh Fruit, Muffins with Butter, Scrambled Eggs on toast, and a Mocha


Lunch – Half Ripe Papaya Salad (starter), Fish Cakes with Salad and Tartar Sauce (lunch), Β and Crepes in Orange Sauce (dessert).

Dinner – Corn Fritters with Thai Dipping Sauce (starter), Grilled Fish with Mustard Sauce, Vegetables and Garlic Potato (main), Β and Self Saucing Pudding (dessert).

We also got drinks again. This time I had Love at Sunset, and Rory had a Pina Colada.


Breakfast – Fresh Fruit, Muffins with Butter, Pancakes and a Mocha

Lunch –Β Carrot and Coconut Salad (starter), Fish Wrap with Garden Greens, Grated Cheese and Carrots (main), and Papaya Whip (dessert).

There you have it! I pretty much inhaled the food every time it was put in front of us. The cuisine and meals alone was worth the trip here and staying at the resort. The dining room is open so you can look out to the sea while you eat. We saw some spectacular sunsets, and thunderstorms from this spot. It was lovely. On our last night (Friday), we also chose to have dinner at the Lagoon Bure. Which is a little separated section overlooking the hills and sea where you can have a private dinner.

I will be posting a recap of our Fiji honeymoon adventure soon. But the food was amazing and deserved to be talked about first!


25 thoughts on “Honeymooning Through Food

  1. The title of this post is absolutely perfect. I’m so jealous that you’re in Fiji but omg ALL. OF. THAT. FOOD. just wow. That sounds like my type of honeymoon ha For some reason I’m sooo drawn to all the breakfast foods you had but everything in general looks unbelievable!!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. I was at Maggie’s blog and read your interview, which I thoroughly enjoy. I clicked one of the links in the interview to see your blog and what a blessing. The only place in the whole world I have ever wanted to go to is Fiji! The food looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to do a little exploring of your blog πŸ™‚

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