Okay, so my kryptonite is musicals. I’ve seen a lot of them, especially the newer ones. I’ve always loved music, and I wish I had that level of singing and dancing skills, but for now I’m happy to just jump around and sing along. I watched a few while I was away, because we had downtime, and why not?

I’m going to exclude some from this list as I don’t technically count them as musicals. That is Disney, Broadway shows (I seriously still can’t stop listening to Hamilton), movies where the characters sing only on karaoke or on stage (it’s not quite the same), and television shows (go watch Galavant, it’s brilliant). Okay, here we go.

So here’s my list of musicals that I have watched many times and still listen to the songs on a regular basis. I will narrow it down to five, because even with the restrictions I put, this list could go on forever.

The Last Five Years (2015)

I stumbled across “I Can Do Better than That” on tumblr and I really liked the song. So I did some digging and found where it came from. On first viewing, I was a little bored. But I listened to the soundtrack and got addicted to the songs. I also love the concept of the timeline. The musical starts with Cathy at the end of the relationship, and then Jamie at the beginning. Cathy goes backwards through the relationship through song, Jamie goes forward and the only time they meet up to sing together is when they get married.

Favourite song: “Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You”

Honorary Mentions: “See I’m Smiling” “Shiksa Goddess” “A Summer in Ohio” “I Can Do Better than That” – Okay, so I love a lot of the songs on the soundtrack, I struggled trying to narrow it down.

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997)

I first watched this on tv when I was 9. I loved it then, and I love it now. I prefer it to the other Cinderella version, including the recent live action one. I prefer the songs in this version, and I love the multi-racial casting. Prince Charming is played byΒ Paolo Montalban, a filipino actor who I crushed on pretty hard after watching this. Brandy was Cinderella, Whitney Houston is the Fairy Godmother, Whoopi Goldberg is the Queen, and Bernadette Peters is the stepmother.Β Anyway, it always makes me nostalgic when I watch it and I can’t stop singing along.

Favourite song: “Impossible/It’s Possible”

Honorary Mentions: “Ten Minutes Ago”, “The Sweetest Sounds”

Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (2008)

Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day. A perfect mix. Dr Horrible is about a villain on his quest to join the League of Evil. I’ll leave it at that. It’s only 45 minutes, split into three parts. It was done as a passion project during the Writer’s Stirke. I own the DVD at home, and I even bought both the official soundtrack and commentary soundtrack. I love all of it.

Favourite Song: “Slipping”

Honorary Mentions: “My Freeze Ray”, “A Man’s Gotta Do”, “My Eyes”

High School Musical (2006)

I’m not going to lie, I once watched all three High School Musicals in a row. They’re fun to watch and we all know the lyrics. Go Wildcats!

Favourite Song: “Stick to the Status Quo”

Honorary Mentions: “Get Your Head in the Game”, “What I’ve Been Looking For (Sharpay & Ryan)”, “Breaking Free”


Rent was a rollercoaster of emotions I was not prepared for. I was looking for musicals to watch at the library, and took out this DVD with little information about what it was about. It’s based onΒ La Boheme by Puccini, but the characters and location have been moved to New York in the 90’s. It follows a year in the life ofΒ a group of characters, the majority are LGBT, and some are HIV positive. There are so many good songs in this one too.

Favourite Song: “Take Me or Leave Me”

Honorary Mentions: “Seasons of Love”, “Tango Maureen”, “Out Tonight”, “Goodbye Love”.

So there you have it, five of my personal favourite musicals that I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen. I may do another of these on day. Let me know what musicals you enjoy, and give me some recommendations as well. I love finding new musicals πŸ˜€


23 thoughts on “Angela’s Favourite Musicals

  1. I love musicals, Grease is definitely my all time favorite! I haven’t seen Rent so I should definitely check that out! Also High School Musicals are my guilty pleasure, I can sing all the songs even in my sleep hehe!! 😍

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  2. I love musicals too. Like you, I love Rent and the High School Musical movies. I love musicals such as Wicked, Sound of Music, Annie, South Pacific, Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast and Les Mis among many others

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      1. Musicals was something I grew up on. Musicals have changed a lot over the musicals. Just by saying that growing up, all musicals were happy is saying a lot. Musicals really are a wonderful way of conveying emotion through song, dance, and spectacle.

        Later this year, I am seeing Rent live for the first time ever. I love the musical but have never seen it live before.

        If you love musicals, just come check out my blog and one of its main focuses is musicals.

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      2. I agree that musicals are a different way of conveying emotion. It seems so much more freeing to espread yourself through song and dance. I’ve only seen very few musicals live, but i love the energy and ambience of a live show πŸ™‚ it’s so different from simply watching it on tv. Still fun though πŸ˜„
        I’ll go over soon and check out your blog πŸ˜„


      3. Musicals are so joyful. Every single musical is joyful in my opinion. Now most musicals are happy while all of them are joyful. Growing up, I always assumed all musicals were happy, but now I realized that isn’t always the case.

        With both Les Mis and Rent in my life, I realized that some musicals are not happy, but sad as a matter of fact. Les Mis turned my love of musicals into a passion and taught me about heartbreak, an emotion I never knew existed growing up. This sounds a bit crazy, but I once believed I will always hate tragedies, turns out I was so wrong.

        Musicals have a big fat emotional advantage over plays. It is easier for me to be emotionally connected in a musical thanks to the songs

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      4. Music has a way of reaching the soul I feel. Some get that through the spoken word, but like you, I get that connection more through songs and music. I love listening to movie soundtracks for a similar reason.


      5. Good point. Musical songs have a way of entering your heart and soul. They are the most story-telling oriented genre of music. When I listen to a musical song, the character comes to mind and their emotion comes to play. When you combine all the musical songs together in one show, it together forms the entire story no matter how complex or simple the musical is

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