So Many Jobs

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I currently work as a daycare teacher for infants and toddlers. I’ve now been in the same centre for over two years, so this stands as the longest running job I’ve ever had. It’s also the best job I’ve ever had. So in celebration of that, I thought I would tell you guys about all the past jobs I’ve had, and I’ve had a quite a few. I’m going to include volunteer work, and one-off jobs along with more permanent ones I had.


Delivering Newspapers (age 10 or 11)

This is a straightforward job, you just deliver newspapers. Except that 10 year old me was lazy. I lasted one week in this, and kept trying to get my mum or dad to drive me down the street as I ran out and delivered the paper. This was obviously impractical, and so after a week, I quit and said I didn’t want to do it anymore. I don’t even remember how I got the job, but I did, and then I quit almost immediately cause it was ‘too hard’.

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McDonalds Worker (age 16)

I think I only did 3 shifts at the McDonalds I worked at. It’s called fast food for a reason, and 16 year old me wasn’t ready for the pressure. Props to those who lasted longer than a few days in fast food. It’s hard. On my first shift I kept making fries, cause the orders kept coming in. So I just kept going even when the orders had slowed down. Then we had a GIANT load of chips and no customers. They forgave me as it was my first day, but they were still annoyed. On my second shift I kept messing up the orders as people gave them to me on the front row during the dinner rush. I don’t even remember my third shift if it happened. I quit before they could let me go. Then I avoided that particular McDonalds for years. Good times.

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