So Many Jobs

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I currently work as a daycare teacher for infants and toddlers. I’ve now been in the same centre for over two years, so this stands as the longest running job I’ve ever had. It’s also the best job I’ve ever had. So in celebration of that, I thought I would tell you guys about all the past jobs I’ve had, and I’ve had a quite a few. I’m going to include volunteer work, and one-off jobs along with more permanent ones I had.


Delivering Newspapers (age 10 or 11)

This is a straightforward job, you just deliver newspapers. Except that 10 year old me was lazy. I lasted one week in this, and kept trying to get my mum or dad to drive me down the street as I ran out and delivered the paper. This was obviously impractical, and so after a week, I quit and said I didn’t want to do it anymore. I don’t even remember how I got the job, but I did, and then I quit almost immediately cause it was ‘too hard’.

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McDonalds Worker (age 16)

I think I only did 3 shifts at the McDonalds I worked at. It’s called fast food for a reason, and 16 year old me wasn’t ready for the pressure. Props to those who lasted longer than a few days in fast food. It’s hard. On my first shift I kept making fries, cause the orders kept coming in. So I just kept going even when the orders had slowed down. Then we had a GIANT load of chips and no customers. They forgave me as it was my first day, but they were still annoyed. On my second shift I kept messing up the orders as people gave them to me on the front row during the dinner rush. I don’t even remember my third shift if it happened. I quit before they could let me go. Then I avoided that particular McDonalds for years. Good times.

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Retirement Home Cleaner/ Cafe Cleaner (age 16-19)

I worked at two separate retirement homes as a cleaner. Or Housekeeping as they officially put it. I also helped out my mum when she occasionally cleaned a cafe down the road for some extra cash. I didn’t mind being a cleaner. You’re given a list of things to do, along with general timelines of how  long it should take. I’m good at following instructions. I also quite enjoyed working at the retirement homes, there were a few characters. Some were very friendly and chatty, others were less so. They all just let me do my job though. I also got my own trolley full of cleaning supplies, like you see on TV, which I was oddly excited about. I worked part time on the weekends (three hours per day), picking up more shifts during holidays. It was a perfect part time job to have while I was at school. However, I did get bored quite easily after a year of doing the same thing each time I was at that job.

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Volunteering at a Red Cross Opshop (age 19-21)

I was constantly applying to retail jobs, but never got further than an interview because I lacked ‘experience’. Man, I hated hearing that. It still annoys me now. I was lucky that I discovered through a friend that a local opshop was looking for volunteers to be sales assistants on saturdays. Perfect. I met with the owner, we got along and I was given a position on the Saturday shift. They were open from 10-4, and I would come in with another volunteer to open, run and then close shop. It was a great job. I learnt about customer service (we had very little horror stories luckily, since we were an opshop), handling money, basic banking, etc. I also got along well with the other volunteers, and we also got discounts. I spent way too much money there, but I regret nothing. I didn’t want to leave, but in the end, I needed a job that paid. I also got to attend a first aid course for free during my time there, as a red cross volunteer. It was, for a long time, my favourite job.

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Checkout Chick (age 20-21)

This was the fastest job I had ever gotten. I sent through my CV to the job application site, heard back a few hours later for an interview. Went to the interview two days later, got called back the next day saying I had the job and when could I start for training. Very odd. This job was where I did get the occasional nightmare customer, one actually getting me to tears. I did also have to maneuver with higher ups constantly trying to get us in to cover shifts, and me having to constantly explain that I can’t because I had classes, as I was a university student. But besides that, I met and worked alongside a great bunch of people. I have so much fond memories of slow days, where there were only a few customers around so we would just chat for ages. This is also the job where I met Rory, my husband. We like to talk about how on our first meeting, he had to break the ice, as I was just standing there staring into space for about 5 minutes making things awkward as I do. Finally, he said “Hi, I’m Rory”, and I replied “Oh…I’m Angela”. And the rest is history. For the record, I’m a lot better now at initiating conversations.

So I have just realised that I’m almost at 1000 words, and I’m only halfway through listing jobs. I like to ramble. I’m going to break this up into two posts, and will finish the list tomorrow. Highlights include temp office jobs (including a call centre which stands as the worst job I’ve ever had), another volunteer job, until I finally become a teacher!

All the pictures were found through Google Images. I own nothing 🙂


16 thoughts on “So Many Jobs

    1. Ha! I didn’t actually, I was so nervous cause at first I wasn’t making enough fries so i overcompensated.
      And I’ll always love working in that supermarket, purely cause thats where Rory and I met 😄

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  1. Nice post, I can relate to your work ethic and a list of different jobs in your young life. Plus you must be ‘strayan cause no one else in the world says ‘opshop’ and ‘checkout chick’, but so am I so, I get it!

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