So Many Jobs #2

And we’re back! Let’s continue to Unravel the previous jobs I’ve been through!

Again, all the pictures were found through Google Images. I own none of the images.

So we left off at working as a checkout operator when I was 21. Now we move more into the realm of full-time jobs and the joys of working a 9-5 job. But, before that, I had one last part time/volunteer job.

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Piano Tutor (aged 21)

I frequented a site called Student Job Search. It was specifically for uni students looking for part time, one-off, summer or volunteer jobs. I saw one asking for a music student who could tutor two children (aged 8 and 10) in learning the piano. I applied, and I got along with the family very well, including their lovely son and daughter. Every Saturday for a year, I would head on over for an hour and teach these lovely kids piano. Once I moved out of home though, then it was too far for me to get there via public transport so  I had to say bye 😦

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