Let’s Bake! (Snickerdoodles Edition)

Let’s Bake! (Snickerdoodles Edition)

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may see that some time last week I uploaded a photo of some snickerdoodles I made! It was the first time I had baked in ages. The last thing I baked was a small carrot cake for Rory’s birthday back in October. But last week, I was craving something sweet and I didn’t feel like going to the store. Luckily, we had all the ingredients needed to make cookies!

The recipe I used was an old trusted one that I found years ago. The cookies come out soft which I prefer, I don’t like crunchy cookies. I normally half the recipe though, as it’s just me and Rory at home and it would take a while to get through all those cookies. You can find the recipe here.

I took pictures while I baked, and I’m very happy with how the cookies turned out! They’re all gone now, but Rory and I really enjoyed them. I forgot how fun baking is, and how rewarding it is to eat something that you’ve made 😛

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The Cramm Award

The Cramm Award

Hello! I just saw a notification which says I’ve reached 1337 likes. That seems like an odd number for WordPress to mention, but oh well. Thank you for continuing to like my posts!!


First things first, this award was created by Liv, over at The Cramm. I was nominated by the lovely Azra, over at Simple Serenity. She primarily blogs about beauty, lifestyle and all things pretty 🙂 She is also a lovely person, so go check her out.


1. Include a little bit about who created this award (with a link) and mention the person the who nominated you
2. Share 3 things that motivate you to blog and share 3 people that motivate you to blog as well
3. Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
4. Answer your challenge question
5. Nominate your choice of bloggers and give them a challenge question

What Motivates Me to Blog

  1. Stories. I originally started this blog as a way to store my memories and experiences, mostly about travel. Once I started writing though, I couldn’t stop, and now I write about practically anything. As my little blog grew, I felt more compelled to start writing a little more personally, sharing little tidbits of info about myself.
  2. Challenge. I’ve only been going for a month and a bit, but I love the challenge of posting something new everyday. I love the Weekly Photo Challenge, and coming up with my own interpretation each week. I love the tags and awards I’ve been lucky to take part in.
  3. Happy. Basically, since starting this, it has become my passion project. I love coming onto this site and seeing what’s happening. It makes me happy, so why wouldn’t I keep going? 🙂

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