I officially have my very first tattoo!!

Rory came with me in the end, as I figured I could use the support, and I couldn’t find a squishy ball. I reread all the comments and advice you guys left me onΒ I’m Getting My First Tattoo! (Part 1), which helped ease nerves a little, so thank you! I took an aspirin before heading out, and also brought along a little chocolate bar to help with blood sugar.

I met up with Angie again, and she showed me the design. I loved it immediately. We talked about making the lines on the leaves a little thicker, but leaving the inner details thinner, this would help it look more delicate. We talked about the size, and measured her design on to where I wanted it on my leg. It was a perfect fit. So once we were happy with the design, she went over the consent form for me to sign then started making the stencil. I filled it out and signed it.

Then she asked if we wanted anything to drink. I was good, Rory had a cup of tea. She also brought out these little cocoa balls as a snack for us which was nice. We made our way over to the little station, and Angie got to work with stencil. I stood on a stool to make it easier, and she made sure it was on perfectly straight and that I was happy with the placement. Once everything was good, we chatted for a few minute while it dried.

During this time, the manager, Ceara, came over with two cups of amazing looking hot chocolate, a hot cross bun, and little easter eggs. I was getting nervous so I didn’t try any yet, I decided to save it until after.


I lay down on my side with my right leg on a pillow and got comfortable. Angie told me to let her know if I needed a break, or if it got too painful or uncomfortable. I lay down and held Rory’s hand and waited. The pain wasn’t too bad. The needle was vibrating, so it felt very tingly and prickly. I’m trying to think of words to describe it, but it was like being poked by something tiny over and over. She would stop often and then keep going a few seconds later. Eventually, I tuned it out and zoned out. I grew used to the constant feeling of being uncomfortable. The only time I would feel a sharp pain is if she stopped for longer than 10 seconds, cause then my body relaxed, and once it started again, I had to reset myself before I got used to it again. I even ate a fewΒ of those cocoa balls during it. All in all, time flew by. It took half an hour to do. While I stared into space, she told me it was all done!

I got up (I had major pins and needles in my left leg) and looked in the mirror. It looked amazing! I was thrilled and I couldn’t stop looking at it. We took official photos of it (which I immediately uploaded ontoΒ Instagram), and then we talked about aftercare.


Angie talked me through it, and then gave me a piece of paper with all the info on it, and they also emailed this through to me, so I am covered. She covered it in cling wrap for the walk home (it looked hilarious), and told me to take it off once I was home. Then I had to clean it, using a flannel, just to wipe off any excess ink, cream or whatever else might be there. Pat it dry with a paper towel then let it air our for an hour. After that, I can apply a teeny amount of cream. They sold tattoo balm there (in a cute little pot), so I grabbed one. She said not to put too much on as that can suffocate the tattoo encourage bacteria growth. She also advised me to keep my leg elevated since the tattoo was on my ankle. For the next 3-5 days, I have to clean then moisturise the tattoo twice a day. Once it starts to peel (which sounds gross), don’t pick at it, and don’t worry. Apparently that’s part of the natural process. At this point, I can use a gentle, fragrance-free moisturiser on it 3-5 times a day, or when it feels dry and tight. This whole process will happen over the next two weeks. As it heals (and the old skin peels off), the tattoo may become lighter, but it will eventually become darker again. Then another couple of weeks after that, it should be fully healed provided nothing goes wrong. She did emphasise coming back if it hurts a lot, or there’s any weird discharge. While we had this chat, I downed my hot chocolate, and it was the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had! I asked what they made it with and she said it was a secret recipe (then she lowkey told me that they use coconut milk and honey). I also scoffed down my hot cross bun, easter egg, and the chocolate I brought XD

After that, I paid the rest of the amount owing for my tattoo, and for the balm. Since I was there for under an hour, and I had already paid the $100 deposit, I only had to pay $27! Sweet! After thanking Angie over and over, I said bye, and told her to expect me to come back for that full mandala. Now that I know it’s not a terrifying experience, but only mildly uncomfortable, I am excited to return! But first, I wait for my first one to heal πŸ™‚




32 thoughts on “I’m Getting my First Tattoo! (Part 2)

      1. You’re welcome! Yeah, I love it. πŸ™‚ x Ooh I’m looking forward to that! Have you ever looked up tattoo inspiration on Pinterest? Some of those make me want to have a tattoo of my own! x

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      2. Oh cool. I don’t remember mine off the top of my head. It might be angwooly..like my Instagram. I think I’ve linked it in the first part of my tattoos post. I’ll check when I get home πŸ˜„


  1. Aww Angela, it looks really good. πŸ™‚ And sounds like a downright pleasant experience too–SO different from when I got my first tattoo 20 years ago. No hot chocolate and treats, but they were so kind as to bring me a wet paper towel when I got light headed. πŸ˜›

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      1. Definitely not. I failed to do any more research than “closest tattoo parlor” πŸ˜† Plus I was 18 and being very impulsive–I think I wanted to hurry and do it before I chickened out!

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