Hello all! I found this cute variation of the Newlyweds game through Pinterest. Rory and I were doing our own thing at home a couple of days ago when I came across it. As newlyweds ourselves, we thought we would give this a go. It was a fun way to kill some time as we finished household errands and wound down from the day. This may be a long post, so skim read if you want 🙂

the MARRY-WED game- a lot like the

There were only 20 questions, and we had a lot of fun thinking about our answers. First, I wrote down what I thought Rory’s answers for these questions would be. Then came the fun part, talking it through and seeing what the other person thought! As we went through this, I thought it would make a fun blog post, so I asked if he minded, and he laughed and said of course not. So you will have both of our voices in this blog, which makes this my first collaboration, of sorts. Rory’s voice will be in bold, as I will continue being in regular text. Here we go.

First part – My answers for Rory, and Rory’s response

  1. Favourite comfort food – Omelettes. I do like omelettes, but they’re my favourite breakfast food…I quite like baked beans on toast.  
  2. Dream job – He doesn’t really have one at the moment. Yeah, I can’t really think of a ‘dream’ job…I would like to own my own business one day though.
  3. Blanket hog – Both of us. We’ve both hogged the duvet at some point. I like to kick off the blankets sometimes. He does sometimes do that. It’s a weird habit.
  4. Favourite colour – none. I like some colours more than others. Blue is nice. But I don’t have a favourite.
  5. Colour of spouse’s toothbrush – white. We both use an electric brush. Why is that a question? 
  6. Last book he read – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I finished that last week, I’m onto Stephen King now. I finished Carrie, and now I’m reading It. I actually recalled this conversation as he said it, so…woops XD
  7. Favourite hobby – Magic the Gathering. Hmmm, yeah, I guess that’s my favourite one at the moment.
  8. Favourite idea of date night – Hanging out at home, watching movie/playing games. …It kinda depends on the mood I’m in. But yeah, hanging out at home is nice. 
  9. Best vacation we’ve taken together – Fiji! 🙂 Yep
  10. Weirdest gift I’ve given him – Pack of cards. *bursts out laughing* I forgot you got me that, that was really weird! It was weird, I don’t know why I did that, it was very early in the relationship.
  11. First date location – Queensgate. Duh. Queensgate is a local mall, for those curious.
  12. First kiss location – Rory’s place. I remember that. It could’ve been at the bus stop though… At this point he’s giving me that look where he thinks I’m cute, and I’m facepalming, because that was another moment of me being awkward. I will save that story for another time.
  13. Favourite dessert – Lollies. …I actually like that custard and sago pudding we sometimes have. Ohhhhh….moving on!
  14. Favourite sport – none. I like jogging and running. That’s not a sport. Yes it is. 
  15. What makes him excited – a lot of things. New MtG cards, something he read, I know when he’s excited cause he can’t keep still.I’ll give you that one. When I’m excited I start moving around lots. This happens lots at work, or in games, when I’ve completed something or accomplished a goal. 
  16. Favourite restaurant – none. Yeah.
  17. Name of his first pet – okay, so Rory and his family has had a lot of pets over the years. Lots of cats and dogs, I can’t remember all the names! Gobby. Cat or dog? Dog. We had lots of family pets, but Gobby was the first one who I considered my own pet. He was a little dog, and apparently very violent. He never hurt anyone, but he loved trying to take down bigger dogs, he was just very protective. He really liked me, and I really liked him. His name also wasn’t Gobby, I just called him that, and then it stuck. 
  18. Favourite household chore – none. I actually don’t mind cleaning the bathroom. Its easy. Alright, weirdo…but moving on!
  19. First thing he does when he gets home – Take off jacket, put bag down and turn on PC. Yeah, cause I want noise while we get dinner ready.
  20. Eggs preference – Omelette! Yes.

Second part – Rory’s answers for me, and my response.

  1. Favourite comfort food – Creamed rice. When I had my wisdom teeth removed back in 2014, this was one of the foods I could eat, and I loved it. I still love to eat it, especially when I feel down/sick.
  2. Dream job – You’re happy in your current job. True, I don’t really have a dream job either.
  3. Blanket hog – Both. Yep.
  4. Favourite colour – None. Yep. I prefer neutral colours, but I have no favourites.
  5. Colour of spouse’s toothbrush – White. Yep.
  6. Last book she read – The Gone Girl one, no wait, it has Girl in the title. The one that was also a movie. You were talking about it last night. The Girl on the Train is what I think he was getting at. Which is indeed the last book I read.
  7. Favourite hobby – BloggingYep.
  8. Favourite idea of date night – Staying in and hanging out. Yep. It’s also cheaper doing this, and I wanna save some money.
  9. Best vacation we’ve taken together – Fiji. Yes, my favourite vacation in general would have to be Peru though.
  10. Weirdest gift I’ve given her – That melting snowman thing. I actually still have that, it’s a little snowman that you build up, and then he slowly melts. It’s back at my parents place, but I found a picture online. It was definitely weird, and I loved it!Image result for melting snowman kit
  11. First date location – Queensgate. Of course.
  12. First kiss location – My place. Yep.
  13. Favourite dessert – Juicies, or wait, cheesecake. I love both, but cheesecakes are just so irresistible. I want a slice now.
  14. Favourite sport – None. Absolutely correct.
  15. What makes her excited – Food in general, sweets. That is correct. There’s just so much amazing food out there, how can you not get excited??
  16. Favourite restaurant – None. Not quite, I loved this old restaurant called Strawberry Fare. They specialized in desserts, and they were amazing! But then the owners had to move away and close down 😦 😦
  17. Name of her first pet – I don’t think you ever told me. But you had budgies and fish right? My first ever pet was a pair of bunnies. Named Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. But we never had pets long, we always gave them away in the end. We did eventually have fish and birds. But we’re not really the biggest pet fans, my family.
  18. Favourite household chore – You like to do the laundry, you’ve told me that a couple of times. I do like doing laundry. It sometimes takes me a while to get to it, or remember it. But I like folding them up the most. I don’t really know why.
  19. First thing she does when she gets home – Drop off jacket and bag and turn on your laptop. Pretty much.
  20. Eggs preference – Scrambled, or French Toast. Depends if I want savoury or sweet. But I think I lean towards scrambled eggs on toast.

There we go! This is a bit of a different post than I normally do, but it was a lot of fun. Rory and I had fun doing this, and learnt a little more about each other. It’s nice that after almost 5 and a half years together, we still have more to learn 🙂

2016-09-03 10.44.17

Angela. (and Rory).

27 thoughts on “The Marry-Wed Game

  1. This looks so sweet and cute! Not gonna lie, if I did this with himself it would turn into a massive screaming match 😂We are not good at this kind of thing! The 2 of us are also extremely competitive, maybe this is why! Lovely to know more about you both! Thanks for sharing xx

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  2. Love this. I’ll have to give it a go. Today is our seven year dating anniversary and we are quickly approaching a year of marriage in October. So technically still newlyweds!!

    Liked by 1 person

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