Hey guys, today I have a kind of TBT post. I’m thinking of making Thursdays a TBT day, where I tell stories from my past/childhood. I’ll post my Weekly Photo Challenge in the morning, and then a story in the afternoon. Let me know what you guys think, I hope it will give you a Chuckle πŸ™‚

As most of you would know, I live in Wellington, New Zealand. Now it is often cold down here (I blame our closeness to Antarctica), but not as cold in the South Island. Snow in Wellington is rare. As in once in every 50 years rare.

An aerial shot of snow at the Makara wind farm.
An aerial shot of the Makara Wind Farm (Photo from stuff.co.nz)

On one fateful day back in August 2011, Wellington was hit the worst storm since 1976, and it snowed. Sure this led to power cuts, road closures, and public transport was affected, but most of us in Wellington didn’t care. We had snow! SNOW! For most, it was the only time we ever got to experience snow.

The Beehive in a blizzard on August 14, 2011.
The Beehive caught in a blizzard (Photo from Stuff.co.nz)

My family went on a trip to Mt Ruapehu back in 1996, but I have no memories of it. So I was beyond excited during this little blizzard we have.

Where my family lived, out in Lower Hutt, we didn’t have icy roads or anything which was very lucky. I vividly remember walking home from the train and being mesmerised by what I was seeing. The snow was falling gently around me, but it looked like it wasn’t moving. I felt like I was inside one of those snow globes. I had a regular jacket on, and no gloves. I was cold, but I didn’t mind.

As I got home, I ploughed through the doors, screeching at my siblings. Jo was on her laptop, and Andrew was on the PlayStation. They had pulled the curtains and turned on the lights as it was getting dark outside. They looked up at me and asked why I was yelling. “IT’S SNOWING!” was the only thing I could think to say. “WHAT?” Jo yelled back, and went sprinting outside, only to run back in because of the cold. Andrew peeked out the window and confirmed that it was indeed snowing. We all bundled up and went outside. Then I ran back in and grabbed our ancient camcorder so I could document what was happening.

I will now apologise for the quality of the photos, I’m not kidding when I say the camcorder is ancient, we bought it in 2002!

I could not stop smiling
Literally couldn’t stop smiling
You can’t see it, but I’m screeching with happiness again
Our tiny snowman, RIP

We jumped up and down. We ran around. We tried to build a little snowman in the driveway. Then as dad arrived home, he ran him over cause he didn’t see him cause he was that little. For the most part, we just looked around. We took in this new view of our home. It was unforgettable! We couldn’t talk about anything else for weeks. We wished it would happen again. But it hasn’t since.

Do you guys get snow where you live? I guess if you get it often enough, the magic might have worn off. But as someone who only gets to experience it very rarely in their life, enjoy it!


23 thoughts on “The Time it Snowed

  1. Fun photos! I live in London, and we don’t get snow much. Maybe a light fall a couple of times a year, but several inches is more rare. It is beautiful when it is fresh though!

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  2. I live in California, and we got snow once back in 2001. My brother and I were too young to remember it, but pictures show we got maybe half an inch. Wish it would happen again!

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  3. I live in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. so we get snow every winter. It fascinates me that some people never get snow so I love reading about their first encounters. People around here just complain about so it’s refreshing to hear that people are actually excited about it! Great post, loved the pictures!

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    1. Thanks Hannah! I have a feeling that once you get it every year, the novelty may wear off. But we never get it here! This was probably a once in a lifetime thing, unless I go to a mountain or something XD

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  4. No matter the quality, those photos are amazing. I have to smile anytime when it’s snowing, actually it was snowing the last few days here in Czechia. We always so enjoy building snowmen and fights in snow and anything else. I hope this wasn’t your only time having a good time in snow πŸ™‚

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