Hello! So I’ve seen a few of these going around, and they look like fun to do! So, yesterday, during my regular Friday, I made notes and took photos so I can share with you all what a typical Friday looks like for me. As you guys know, I like to ramble a lot. So this will be a detailed Day in the Life kind of post, because I can’t do it any other way. I’m also Knackered as I write this, but hey, a day full of working with toddlers will do that.


Rory’s alarm goes off. I don’t have one because his wakes me, and I’m on the closing shift this week, which means I work 9-5.30 instead of 7.45-5.

No one gets up till 6.40 though. Rory goes to have a shower, and I check my phone to see what’s been happening overnight on the old blog.



I get out of bed and go over to my laptop so I can look at blog easier. I start by checking my scheduled post. I write it the night before, then look at it with fresh eyes in the morning. Once I make final changes (or no changes), I schedule it for 7.30 am, and start reading all the posts you guys have uploaded while I’ve been sleeping.

Check Posts


Rory is normally out of the bathroom by now, so it’s my turn. After shower, I kind of have a skincare routine, but not really. I use ‘Rosewater Spray’ then ‘Activating Water Essence’, both from the brand Jurlique, which I found through the Youtuber Marzia. It just makes my face feels nice and fresh. All moisturized and hydrated. Then I blow dry my hair, cause it otherwise takes forever to dry.


I make breakfast (nutella and peanut butter toast) and a cup of coffee. Also I love my fancy mug. Rory randomly got me it one day. He ordered it online. It’s a HP inspired mug, but it changes colour with heat!! I’ve used it everyday since he got me it last year, and its showing signs of wear and tear. I will use it until it falls apart in my hands.


Then I sit down, eat and drink while again catching up on notifications and trying to read all the blogs. As I do this, Rory says bye and leaves around 8.15, his job starts at 8.30. He reminds me that he’ll be home late and won’t be having dinner as he will be out with friends. I decide I want sushi for dinner because I don’t want leftovers. Mmm..sushi.


So I spend way too long reading. I don’t catch up on all the posts, but if I don’t stop soon I’ll be running late. So I rush off to brush teeth and get dressed. Since I work with babies, I’m not too fussed on what I wear. I just want to be comfortable. Also, I always get stuff on me, such as paint, food…other things. Not to get TMI, but I’ve had my fair share of bodily fluids on me, so I don’t wear my nicer clothes to work. I also normally check the weather site, to see what to expect. Today is cloudy with rain. Great. I decide on regular old jeggings, singlet, cardigan and scarf.



Now I put on makeup. It takes me less than 2 minutes. I basically put on foundation and concealer, to make my face less blotchy and red. Then I like to put on some eyeshadow, cause I like playing with that. I tend to stick with neutral palettes, cause that’s all I own lol. On weekends,  like to put on eyeliner, and sometimes mascara. I love eye makeup, but I can only do the basics.

My amazing makeup collection

After that, I straighten my hair, cause it has a mind of it’s own. Then I throw my hair into a ponytail. I used to wear it down, but it just gets in the way at work.


By this point I’m rushing to get everything together. Put on shoes. Get water bottle. Find jacket. Make sure I have keys, iPod, phone,..everything I need for the day. I also like to try squeeze in a few more posts to read, respond to comments. Then I make a mental note of the last one I read so I know where to continue from.

My little satchel bag I use for work


I walk to work. I’m in an amazing position where it takes me under 10 minutes to walk to work. 5 minutes if I run. It was super windy today, I’m glad my hair is tied up.


So when I arrive, we take the babies and toddlers down to the preschool area to have a big group mat time to start the day. We call this ‘Devotion’ time. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but I work at a Christian centre. We sing a worship song all together and pray to start the day. The older kids like to get in on this, and the teacher leading the mat time picks three kids to say a prayer. One of the 3 year old’s prayers today went a bit off course.

“Dear God, Thank you for our families. Thank you for my friends. Thank you for my toys. Thank you for my trucks. I really love my truck. It’s a big red truck…”

He continued in that manner for another 30 seconds before concluding with a big loud AMEN. I kept trying not to giggle.

After devotion, my group heads back to the Infants and Toddlers area to play some more before morning tea at 9.30. At some point, I normally ask if they want to take off their shoes. One little girl, J, has been trying to do this on her own. She pulled off her sock with such force that she fell over. But she did it on her own and she was beaming with pride.

As we finish with morning tea, and started cleaning up, it was time for my first break.


Break time! Ahhh..silence. So on my break, I go to the kitchen, steal some chocolate for sugar reasons and head downstairs. As usual, I get comfy and check my phone. Emails, WordPress and Instagram. Once all the notifications are up to date, I find my last place where I was reading and carry on. My break is only 15 minutes, so I’m still not caught up.


Back to the noise. After care routines (nappy, sleep for the youngest, milk), we go outside for fresh air. It’s beautiful in the summer, but right now, it’s getting cold. Fresh air does wonders though. It perks everyone up. After a while, we come back in and do more free play before lunch at 11.30. After lunch we do the next round of nappies and get ready to put the remaining kids to sleep who haven’t yet.

Once most kids are asleep, the lunch breaks start. I go last again. We make the next round of milks, and only two kids are left in the main room (one had an early sleep, the other has a late sleep).  The two girls are A and Z. A turned one last year, and Z turns two in a few weeks, so she’ll be moving to the older area soon. She adores Moana. Whenever she draws (aka furious scribbling), I hear her saying to herself “Moana. Maui. Oh nooo Moana! Mauiiiiiiiiiiiii. No, no, Maui” etc. She LOVES Moana.


1.15 pm

Lunch time! One of the perks for this job, is that the staff get lunch provided by the centre, along with the kids. I haven’t had to worry about bringing or buying lunch to work in two years and that’s amazing. Today, was some delicious fried rice.


During lunch I normally catch up on all the posts I needed to read, as well as notifications. I normally also scroll through my pictures to find something I like to post on Instagram for the day.


And we’re back. Everyone has woken up by this point, and it’s time for the other two to go down and have a nap. Another round of nappies. More free play. The babies have afternoon tea at around 2.30pm. After that, it’s back to free play and the next round of breaks.


Last break of the day. I check my phone for a while, then I just lie down on the couches and reminisce.


Now, the weather has turned bad, so we have to stay inside. We bring in some huge blocks, that are soft and can be climbed on. We play, climb, read, sing until 4. Where we pause for a late afternoon snack and the last round of nappies. Then we all play together again as children start to get picked up. At 5, the teachers on the opening shift head out By this point, there’s a handful of children left. By 5.30, all the kids are gone, and it’s time to close up.


Another day done. Lock all the doors, turn off all the lights. Now, I’m still craving sushi, but I don’t know if there’ll be any left, so I walk fast to St Pierres.



They’re all out. Great. I’m annoyed. Why did I get so fixated on sushi? Time to stomp home and have leftovers I guess.


I did the only logical and rational thing an adult can do in this situation. I ordered pizza (and a donut for good measure). Wait times are 40 minutes…



I’m hooooooooooome. I throw off jacket, bag, shoes, and get in pjs. Then I remember to start the laundry. We’re going out to Auckland this weekend, so I can’t do it tomorrow. Better get it out of the way now.



I finally sit down, and check blog again. I also start writing this very post.






I ate it all. No regrets.


So I finally hung up washing inside. We use the dehumidifier to help things along when we can’t hang it outside. I procrastinate a lot. I’ve been catching up on Youtube videos. I also checked Rory and I in for our flight up to Auckland tomorrow, cause why not. It’s going to be a short trip, so there’s no need to pack early. We have time before we go tomorrow morning, and I’m feeling lazy.


So I’ve lost all energy now, but dishes are done. I’ve brushed my teeth and I’m sitting in bed with my laptop. I’m going to keep reading blogs for another hour or so. Then I’ll go to bed, so I can get up early and get ready to head up to Auckland.


Rory’s back. Now we sleep.

I’ll be taking more photos during out mini weekend getaway. It was a bit of an impulse trip, as I saw that Hans Zimmer was having a concert. Rory and I enjoy his music, so we thought “Why not?”. Plus my  sister and her fiancee said we could stay with them up in Auckland for tomorrow night, so we don’t even have to worry about accommodation. Our first flight is at 9 tomorrow, then we fly back at 12 on Sunday.

I hope you had fun following me around on a typical Friday 😀


26 thoughts on “A Day in The Life

  1. What a fun post, Angela! I love these day in the life posts 😄 Thanks for sharing your typical Friday with us! I loved reading it. Haha my baby sister (10mo) loves Moana, too! She loves watching the scene where Moana’s a baby, and also the How Far I’ll Go scene. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Have a safe flight ang!! I had fun reading your friday in the life post and had a smile when I was done ✅ oh and moana will never get old like frozen haist lol whenever youre with kids now adays youll hear it hehe have fun on your mini weekend getaway with you husband 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was so fun to read, I would love to see more of these! Your blue satchel bag is gorgeous and the truck story made me giggle a little bit too haha. The Moana girl also sounds super adorable (I’m kind of obsessed with Moana too… haha) I hope your trip goes well 🙂 safe journey! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ella! I’m thinking of doing another Day in the Life, but maybe on a regular Saturday or Sunday. All my weekdays tend to be the same XD
      The weekend trip was so much fun! I’m planning to do a little recap post in a few days 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. YAY! You did one of these posts! I lovee that you did it because nosy me likes to see what people are up to in their day to day lives 🙂 I totallllllly know and understand the life of a child care center. I did that for a few years and when you we’re like “back to the noise” it just brought me back to those days lol so I completely know what you’re talking about. As cute as they are they are A LOT of work. But after having worked that job I feel empowered as if I could take care of like 10 kids at a time haha

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

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