April by the Numbers

April by the Numbers

Hey all!

I don’t normally post anything about my blog stats, but I do like to look at them. I hit the insights tab and wow. April has been a month of unexpected surprises and milestones for my blog.


So, for this little blogs, I wanted to share all the love that you guys have given my blog in the past month. In March, I got up to 886 views, and I hoped that for April, I would get at least 1000. Well I did get at least 1000…I didn’t expect to get an extra 3694 on top of  that. As well as over 2000 likes, almost 1000 comments, and nearly 1500 visitors.

April has been a month of milestones and has also been the month with the most growth of in my blog. My blog is still a baby, at just over two months old, but seeing all the support that you guys have given has made me really proud of my wee corner of the internet.

This month, I got nominated for so many awards which I never expected. I still get nominated now, and I’m so thankful for each one. Even if I’ve already done a post on that specific award, I’m so happy when you guys think of me and nominate me 😀

I hit 100 followers on April 2. I hit 200 followers on April 14. I recently hit 300 followers on April 23. As I’m writing this post, I have 354 followers.  That’s amazing and crazy 😀

On April 10, I hit 1000 likes. On April 13, I wrote my 50th post, and at this rate, in a few weeks I will have written 100. On April 15, I hit 1337 likes. An odd number, but thanks for telling me WordPress. On April 20, I hit my best day for likes, I reached 106. On April 27, I beat that record, by getting 123 likes.

I started really putting an effort during April with getting involved with the community here on WordPress. I have always done the Weekly Photo Challenge and have been involved with the Daily Post Word Prompts, Community Pool and First Friday. But during April. I also made an active effort to read every post in my reader, every day. To check out the blogs that you guys have nominated for awards, so that I can find awesome new bloggers and content. I try to reply as soon as possible to your comments, and to like and comment on your own posts as well. I credit this a lot for the growth of my blog.

I also think I’ve gotten better at writing my posts. I have a couple of series going, and I try to keep the content interesting and funny (I hope). I have also gotten better at taking pictures using my phone. I feel like I’ve developed a better eye for what will make a good photo. It does mean I will spend longer standing or sitting in one place with my phone. But I’m always happy with what I’m posting, and that’s the most important thing.

So really, this is a spontaneous bonus blog that I wanted to share. I just kept looking at all the stats and comparing them with where I was a month ago. It’s crazy! I have been having lots of fun with this blog, and I can’t wait to see what will happen during this next month.

On an unrelated note, Rory has kicked me off trying to cook dinner because I cut my finger while cutting the vegetables. I swear I’m normally very careful. I only mention this because I put the band aid on weird and it makes typing a little more complicated.



Instagram in April

Instagram in April

Hello all! We are now in May, it’s almost halfway through the year! You guys seemed to really enjoy my previous Instagram in March, so I think I will definitely keep this as a series. Also, I just realised that I’ve now been blogging for two months! Two whole months of daily rambles! Thanks for sticking around you guys 😀

Here are my top photos from the past month!

View More: http://kentyuphotography.pass.us/angelarorywedding

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes. This was posted on April 7. I don’t remember if I talked about the desserts we had at the wedding. I wanted to share with everyone how incredible our wedding cake and cupcakes looked! I can’t share with you all how it tasted, but trust me it was amazing! Our cake was lemon and raspberry with buttercream roses frosting. The cupcakes were a mixture of Peanut Butter Chocolate, Mocha and Mint Chocolate. They were a great hit at our wedding. Literally 10 minutes after dessert was announced, 90% of them got snapped up. Our photographer, Kent, even took one home! XD

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