Weekend Getaway and Hans Zimmer

Weekend Getaway and Hans Zimmer

So this is up a bit later than intended, but here’s my weekend recap! I normally don’t do these, because my weekends are normally pretty regular, but last weekend, Rory and I went up to Auckland to see Hans Zimmer in concert. My sister, Jo and her fiancee, Tibor, live up there, and were kind enough to let us crash with them.


The flight up to Auckland was uneventful. Domestic flights are always much simpler than international I find. The weather in both Wellington and Auckland was pretty drab and grey, which was a bit of a bummer. When Jo and Tibor picked us up, they joked and pointed out it was sunny before we arrived. This also happened the last time we visited them in Auckland. Rory and I just bring the Wellington gray everywhere we go.

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