30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hey. Guess what? I’m jumping on the board wagon, Cheila and Maggie. I thought about it all day, and while three posts a day sounds like a lot. You know what? Why not? It sounds like fun. I have no idea what the full list of prompts are, and me being a day ahead from you guys this may be tricky. But as a pro pinterest pinner, I think I found the 30 day challenge to which you are referring 🙂

Blogging Challenge – Days 1 and 2: Intro and 10 Facts About Me
I also took this photo from Maggie’s original post. It seems like a thing now.

If I’m wrong, Maggie or Cheila, if you could email me the whole list, that would be nice 🙂

So it’s past 9 pm on May 4 for me, so I gotta do four days worth of blogs and wrap it into this one. Hang on to your socks everyone.

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Looking Back at my Fashion Choices

Looking Back at my Fashion Choices

Hallo! So as usual, here comes another TBT post, to accompany the Weekly Photo Challenge posts. It’s just become a thing now so let’s roll with it.

Judging from the title, you can guess what this week’s throwbacks will be about. They’re all about me! And the strange fashion choices I made. This will be a fun little post for you guys to laugh with me (or at past me, I suppose). A lot of these were deliberately being weird, as I was around my friends/siblings and they brought that out. Some were just cause I liked it, and didn’t care that it made no sense to wear.

As a baby and young child, I don’t think I had too much say over what I wore. But at that age, even if what you’re wearing is crazy, it’s acceptable and cute. As you are a child.

blenheim 00 017
Look at that fashion icon

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The theme for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Danger!

Here’s my little post about some of the (smaller) dangers we face, and the thrill we get from them.

What’s life without a little danger, or a little risk?


We go to (not super) extreme lengths to get a really good shot. We know the risk, so we can take precautions and be careful, and get that amazing photo.


We go to zoos to get close to dangerous animals and see them up close. We trust the zookeepers to keep us safe, rely on their knowledge to provide  a safe, yet thrilling experience.


20161105_131828 (1)

We go to amusement parks and festivals for the rides. The danger leads to excitement, it gives you a thrill that makes you scream. Afterwards, you’re either left shaking with relief, or wanting more. (For those interested, I fall in the former category. They’re too much for little old me now, my younger self would be disappointed).


20170115_142410 (1)

Bugs always give me a personal sense of danger. They’re small, but so scary for some reason. Wasps in general can go suck it.

Now this last one isn’t a photo by me, but they are the biggest danger in my world.

Image result for lego

Lego pieces can also suck it. I stood on one when I wasn’t wearing shoes at the centre yesterday. They are a hazard and a danger to people not wearing shoes everywhere, and they must be stopped.

That’s it for this one! This was a harder theme for me, but I’m happy with what I’ve come through with  😀

Thanks for reading!