30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 6

Welcome all to Day 6 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge! I’m doing this alongside Maggie and Cheila, so be sure to check out their responses to this challenge too!

Day 6 is about 5 Things I Can’t Live Without.

I feel like in this modern world, a lot of us will say technology…and I’m no different.

Number 1 – My Phone


It’s with me everywhere. I never leave home without it. I’m sure most of us don’t. Its how I stay in contact with everyone. It also gives me internet access when I’m not at home or near any wifi spots. This is handy for blogging, emails, Instagram, Google Maps (cause I get lost), checking random facts, etc. But also, it’s my go-to camera. It has so many uses and is so very important to me and my daily life.

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Dream Home

Dream Home

Today’s post is part of the “A Girl Can Dream” series, collaborated by two amazing ladies.

Jenny from Sit Back and Just Live and Jayee from Jacqueliine Joy. Both great blogs, run by even greater women.

This month’s theme is Dream Home, which I am excited to jump on board for.


I think a lot about my dream home. I often build a lot of fancy houses on the Sims, packed ton with lots of impractical and pretty things. Also, Rory and I are saving up as much as we can so we can buy our first home sometime over the next few years. I’m very practical at the houses we look at, weighing pros and cons. But for this post, I’m focusing on both the practical and impractical things I would want in my dream home.

I went on a Pinterest spree, and I will show you all the pretty things I would like in my dream home. Let’s break this down.

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