30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 6

Welcome all to Day 6 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge! I’m doing this alongside MaggieΒ andΒ Cheila, so be sure to check out their responses to this challenge too!

Day 6 is about 5 Things I Can’t Live Without.

I feel like in this modern world, a lot of us will say technology…and I’m no different.

Number 1 – My Phone


It’s with me everywhere. I never leave home without it. I’m sure most of us don’t. Its how I stay in contact with everyone. It also gives me internet access when I’m not at home or near any wifi spots. This is handy for blogging, emails, Instagram, Google Maps (cause I get lost), checking random facts, etc. But also, it’s my go-to camera. It has so many uses and is so very important to me and my daily life.

Number 2 – My Laptop

Yes, I brought my laptop on my honeymoon

I can’t live without my laptop. If I could, I would also bring it everywhere, but I don’t want to lug it everywhere. My current laptop is still new, I bought it last December, as my previous one was over 5 years old and was acting weird. I need my laptop for all things. Storing photos, playing games, keeping track of budget, blogging (again), and back when I was at uni, I used it for all things study related.

Number 3 – My Little iPod

Image result for ipod nano black

I have always loved listening to music. In Christmas 2005,Β Dad bought me a walkman. I was so damn excited to listen to music whenever I wanted. I would put my tape into the radio, and hit record when my song came on, then try stop it before the DJ’s started talking. I have no idea where all those mix tapes are. But I feel so nostalgic thinking about this…I should try find them. Anyway, from that, I bought myself an mp3 player in 2006 (with my saved up pocket money) that could hold 60 songs(!). From there, I bought another one in 2008 (from working a job!) that held up to 500 songs. You have no idea how mindblowing that was. It finally stopped working cause a button fell off in 2013. So I bought a little iPod nano. It was pink. Then the touchscreen broke in 2015. So I bought one in black. You get the picture though, I need a little music playing device with me. When I’m walking, on public transport, in the car, or even sitting at home…I need my music πŸ˜€

Number 4 – Sweets

I mean, food in general I can’t live without (obviously). But sweets are where my heart lies. I can’t get too specific on what sweets I can’t live without, because Β depending on my mood, I may want chocolate, cake, cupcakes, donuts, lollies, ice cream, soda, cookies, pancakes…you get where I’m going.

Number 5 – Cardigans

So, this may not make sense. But I love cardigans, and sweaters. Mostly button up cardigans. I have at least 7, and I’m not joking. I have two dark blue ones that I wear constantly. Of just regular cardigans/jumpers, I have another 6. I don’t know where this love came from. But they’re so darn cute, and I love to wear them with jeans/leggings and some kind of top. That’s literally what I wear 90% of the time. If I go into a clothing store, chances are, I’ll come out with some kind of a cardigan.

So those last two are technically plural, rather than singular. But I think it works. These five things are used on an almost daily basis (I’m trying to get better and stop eating too much sweets thought). So I think I can safely say, I can’t live without them. That’s it for Day 6!


34 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 6

  1. I love cardigans! Warm, handy and comfy. You definitely need it very often since you are in NZ. I lived in NZ for some years before we moved to Australia. I remembered it can be cold when the sun is hiding, even in summer. Great post! I enjoy reading it! Have a good weekend! πŸ™‚

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  2. I am crazy in love with cardigans too, but since the weather in the Philippines is very humid, I only get to wear them during the colder season.

    The sweets you shared are mouth-watering too. Love everything in this post. πŸ’•

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  3. I used to walk around using my mom’s Walkman to listen to music! πŸ˜‚ It was the bulkiest thing everrrr, but I loved it. I also had a pink iPod NaNo for a while! I used it until the buttons wouldn’t register when I pushed them, lol. I love your phone case!! I couldn’t live without my phone, either. And I don’t know what I’d do without sweets 😍

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    1. Walkmans were so bulky XD But I loved the freedom of making my own mixtape!! Music, phone and sweets are all things I definitely couldn’t live without πŸ˜€


  4. All the pictures of the sweetsπŸ˜πŸ˜‹I love cardigans too! Especially since they are a part of the Fall fashion. Fall is my favorite season.

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  5. IPhone for me and my IPod. Use the IPod on long car or plane trips to give me something to do. I can’t live without probably musicals as a matter of fact. I also can’t live without God either

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      1. and less boring and makes them feel not quite as long. But when I am just in my room or something like that, either listen to Pandora our just use my iPhone for the songs I have put on them.

        I don’t put all my songs on my iPhone: only specific ones, the ones I will most likely be listening to. I always need to have the musical songs and contemporary Christian music on my iPhone.

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  6. How on earth did I forget sweets and cardigans? I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and I need to practice self-control when I’m around any (it’s doesn’t work most of the time lol). And I wear so many cardigans. With tops and blouses in spring and Fall, with a long sleeve sweater and a scarf in winter, in the evening in Summer. I always carry one with me, even if it’s too hot to wear it. I usually buy them for H&M. They’re 9,99€ and really good quality, the last a long time and have a great variety of colors. I just ruined my white one yesterday 😦 I need to buy one or two for Spring and Summer. I love the outfit you’re showing in the full-body picture. Sorry for the super long comment, dear Angela!!

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    1. Aww, thanks Cheila! I have no control when it comes to sweets either, they’re always calling me over. As for cardigans, I also have them in so many colours. They’re so convenient and good in any season! I made the mistake of bringing my one white one to work, and it came home in a variety of colours. I almost always wear my blue one πŸ˜€

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