Today’s post is part of the “A Girl Can Dream” series, collaborated by two amazing ladies.

Jenny from Sit Back and Just Live and Jayee from Jacqueliine Joy. Both great blogs, run by even greater women.

This month’s theme is Dream Home, which I am excited to jump on board for.


I think a lot about my dream home. I often build a lot of fancy houses on the Sims, packed ton with lots of impractical and pretty things. Also, Rory and I are saving up as much as we can so we can buy our first home sometime over the next few years. I’m very practical at the houses we look at, weighing pros and cons. But for this post, I’m focusing on both the practical and impractical things I would want in my dream home.

I went on a Pinterest spree, and I will show you all the pretty things I would like in my dream home. Let’s break this down.


I would love a bath, because bath bombs look cool. But what on earth is this shower? It’s so impractical and amazing.

This Multiple Shower-Head System | 27 Things That Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home:

Now the practical, I like the marble, modern look. Big mirror, with a vanity available. Shower and bath. Light, cream colours. That would be nice.

Rutenberg - Melbourne Luxury Designer Home - Bathroom - glass walk in shower - amazing floor tile By Arthur Rutenberg Homes:


I don’t own enough clothes to warrant a walk-in closet. But wouldn’t it be nice to have? Also, Jenny has mentioned that next month will be about your Dream Closet. I’m looking forward to going down that Pinterest hole.

new closet room inspiration:

I really like this open space thing. Also all I want is a big bed, and a TV, lots of windows. As long as the bed is comfy, I’m good.

It's all in the details! Loving the mix of stone fireplace and wood beams, cozy and inviting! By Starr Homes:


Smash the kitchen and dining room together, it’s perfect. I’m not too fond of the blue colour though.

Twist My Armoire:

I love kitchen islands though, in all seriousness. Its a must. I also want a pantry. We don’t have one now, and finding somewhere to store all the perishable foods is a pain.

Dark tall cabinets with dark floors and light marble countertops. Simple, crisp and elegant. Love the design.:


I would love a home office. Somewhere I could work and keep all my hobby related things.

Six Steps to a Fun, Fresh and Functional Home Office:

Working space decor inspiration -

Now for extras that would be nice:

A reading nook hideaway, with lots of books.

Frame a cozy bay window nook with dark rustic wood, like CLOTH & KIND does here, to add a rustic touch to modern, neutral-toned interiors.:  Deja que la luz natural ilumine las páginas. | 13 acogedores rinconcitos de lectura que querrás tener ahora mismo:

A pool

It wasn't easy, but we've chosen our top outdoor spaces. Take a look, and get inspired to create your own open-air retreat.:

15 MUST SEE DREAM HOME Pools [Come Take a Dip]:

A Fort.


Secret door behind a bookshelf that leads to super cool things

Make it deep enough to hold paperbacks and add a guardrail to hold them in place as the door swings.:

Combine these together and I would move in immediately.

A girl can dream right 😀


57 thoughts on “Dream Home

      1. Ooh, I like the idea of a fort. Like a huge one. With a giant trampoline at the bottom. So I could bounce around and climb things. But a home movie theater also sounds good, with lots of gaming sections too..
        I can’t decide XD

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      1. I can imagine! I spring cleaned today and had Pinterest up for every room thinking what can be moved, changed, hung from the rafters 😀 Hope your having a good weekend! xx

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  1. May you get this dream house soon. I do this all the time. Dream about the various components of mine. So when I see something I like, I do a mental click, and I know that I have found something else to go into the future dream house. That reading nook is in mine too though not the secret passageway. I quite like the idea of it xx

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    1. I love the idea of a reading nook! It’s always been on my list for a dream home. I do the same thing. Make mental notes of things I like. The secret passageway is definitely a dream feature. I don’t know much houses that would already have it built in..i may have to find a way to add it on 😄

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      1. That could be the fun project when you do get the house. Work around it. I think I shall make myself a list so that I know what exactly I want in place. It is always easy to miss out on so many elements when you do not have a list. List love! 😉

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  2. That’s an amazing dream house! I always love those Buzzfeed quizzes that want you to build a house. For me, I’ve always got to have a pool and an outdoor pizza oven!

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  3. This was such a cool post!! I totally agree about the crazy shower haha! I have been in one where there were a few jets and I felt like I was being attacked from all angles… not relaxing! Hilariously, when I bent down to get my shower gel, one hit me right in the face which wasn’t fun. at. all. hahaha, I love the secret passage way thing though, that’s super cool xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks! It was fun to plan out this post, there’s so much great ideas out there! I’ve always wanted a pool, and that first pool picture, where there’s a little outdoor tv and fireplace looks amazing!!

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  4. I’ve never seen an island like that, with the built in dining table. Might have to borrow that ideal 😉 Reading nooks are amazing, and great for storage. We built one in our kitchen, the part you sit on are hinged. We can lift them up and have a ton of storage underneath.

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    1. I was so impressed when I saw that picture. I would love a built in dining table right in the kitchen. It looks so convenient and cozy. That’s so cool that you have a reading nook in your kitchen! I’ve always been obsessed with them, they look like the perfect place to curl up with a good book 🙂

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  5. Oooh yes I love all these ideas! It’s so clean and simple and homey. That seat hideaway by the window would be perfect for a rainy day with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate…yum!

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  6. I am obsessed with what you chose for your dream home! I would happily take ALL of that as well! I love your idea of having a little reading nook, I definitely think I need that in my home too. And the pool, yuppp I love how the kids are watching tv right from their pool, like if that doesn’t scream luxury than idk what does….well actually- that shower with all the shower heads!!!! Andrew and I fantasize all the time about having multiple shower heads. We were at a hotel once and the shower had multiple and it was seriously a dream come true lol Thanks for joining in on the collab yay!!!

    xo, JJ

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  7. We pretty much want the same things hahaha I would add a fireplace (I have one now and could never live without one again), a good utility room for my laundry mess, a big garden and good barbecue area, maybe a fire pit 🙂 Actually, all I (we) want is a farm!!

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    1. A farm sounds awesome! I like the ambience of a fireplace, but I don’t think I’d ever remember to use it. As in I would never remember to buy or get the logs needed for it. Rory and I have both agreed we would want a small yard/garden, because neither of us would want to look after it XD
      Everyone has their own dream house qualities right? 😀

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