30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 8

Are you ready for Day 8 of the Blogging Challenge. Don’t forget, I’m doing this alongside the wonderful Maggie and Cheila! Here we go.

Day 8 is about My Biggest Pet Peeve.

I don’t think I have one big pet peeve. I have lots of little ones. In general, I’m a duck. You know the saying about water off a duck’s back? That’s me. I’m generally relaxed and happy. It would take a lot to rattle me. I rarely get mad or frustrated. If I do, I move past it fairly quickly. With that being said, let’s look at the things that do annoy me or make me a little mad.

  • People who stop and talk in the middle of the street, in front of doors or other exits, basically people who stop and have a chit chat and are clearly in the way. Please just move your conversation somewhere less in the way.
  • The same goes for people walking slowly in a big group, blocking the whole footpath. Form two groups if you must. Sometimes, I am in a rush, and you guys are stressing me out.
  • A few driving ones. Drivers who drive a lot under the speed limit. I can forgive if you’re driving a few kms under the limit, but if you’re going 40 in a 50 area…I slowly lose my mind. Drivers who tailgate you when you’re driving at the limit. Chill. Drivers who don’t signal. It’s not that hard to do, just flick your hand up or down to signal where you’re going.
  • Leaving cupboard doors open when you’ve left the room.
  • Leaving the lights on when you’ve left the room.
  • Leaving chairs out when you’ve vacated the chair.
  • People who believe they can do no wrong, or always shift the blame. I’ve known a few of these types, and it annoys me to no end. Everyone makes mistakes. We all do, you’re not immune. Just accept that you made a mistake and move on.
  • People who play music in public spaces through their phone. You heard of ear phones?

This list is actually starting to get me a teensy riled up so I will leave it there. Just have common sense guys. I’m guilty of doing some of these things, but I always do my best to check myself. I also try not to let these things rile me up too much though.

Gotta keep being a duck.

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If this post did make you riled up and you want to vent about your own pet peeves, please feel free to use the comments below as a sounding board.



Things I Learnt From My Dad

Things I Learnt From My Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Because of my mom’s work schedule though, we’ve postponed his birthday dinner celebration till next weekend!

My dad’s name is Jeff. He and my mum, Julie, have been together since the mid 80’s. They celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary a few months ago. Dad is endlessly patient, a chatterbox, hilarious and amazing. He is also a sports fanatic. He loves his soccer (I believe his team is Arsenal) rugby (All Blacks, of course), and he takes quite an interest in a lot of others. For today’s post, I’m going to reflect on things I’ve learnt from him.

  • How to get rid of hiccups – Dad would suddenly jump at us and yell when we had hiccups as kids. It scared me so much, but the hiccups would be gone. One account of dad scaring me as a kid had nothing to do with hiccups actually, he was watching his soccer and someone did an impressive goal. Toddler Angela was trying to figure out how to walk close by, and Dad yelled/cheered so loud that apparently I burst into terrified tears and fell over. Dad still likes to tell that story.
  • Rambling – My rambling skills come from my Dad. He is the King of Rambles. He’s also the King of Chit Chat. Dad can talk with anyone, for ages. He loves telling stories (and Dad jokes), and can make people laugh. It’s a skill I envy. I can ramble and tell stories, but not to a crowd, and definitely not to someone I just met. Dad has hosted events before, as well as talked in front of large groups of people and improvised a speech. His favourite stories to tell us growing up were “Well, when I was your age…” followed by what we knew were elaborate stories, but still fun to listen to.
  • Using a computer – I learnt how to maneuver computer programs from dad, from Microsoft Word, to Paint, and everything in between.
  • Computer Games – Dad played a number of games, most notably RPG ones. He introduced these to me and my siblings, and we all still love to play them.

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