30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 9

Here we are atΒ Day 9 of the Blogging Challenge. Today’s post will be about Favourite Types of Food and Recipes. Be sure to check outΒ MaggieΒ andΒ CheilaΒ who I am doing the challenge alongside πŸ™‚

I have a lot of favourite foods, in general.

A lot of my favourite food I had recently, was at Taveuni Island Resort during my Honeymoon in Fiji. Honeymooning Through Food. Just thinking about all that food makes my mouth water again. I loved that breakfast always had fresh muffins and fruit, it’s so refreshing. Β Also pancakes! Breakfast foods are all amazing. The rest of the meals were all just as amazing!

You guys know, that I am fond of sweets. It’s the best thing ever. I have also recently gotten into baking. My favourite thing to bake is cookies! I have a few go-to recipes, two of which I’ve featured on the blog.Β Let’s Bake! (Snickerdoodles Edition)Β andΒ Let’s Bake! (Chocolate Chip Cookies Edition). I loved the ANZAC cookies recipe that I tried, I’ve made it again, and they are just so delicious!!Β Let’s Bake! (ANZAC Cookies Edition).

In terms of non sweets, my favourite go-to dinner recipesΒ are mashed potatoes, sweet and sour pork, mac and cheese and spaghetti bolognese. I don’t have a link to share for these ones though. I just either follow the packet recipes, or I make it up as I go. The mouth watering photos below are not mine, but found through Google Images.

Image result for mashed potatoes

Image result for sweet and sour pork

Image result for mac and cheese

Image result for spaghetti bolognese

What’s some of your favourite foods and recipes?


49 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 9

  1. This is such a me type of post, I just love food. My favorite is Italian and Mexican. All of those photos of food made me crave food even though I just had breakfast. xx

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      1. I’d happily have breakfast every meal! We go out for breakfast more than we do dinner! Way prefer it!
        Don’t kill me now but I have never had a good mac n cheese. Maybe its just not something we do good up here in Ireland and the UK….. The pictures look amazing tho……. xxx

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  2. This post totally made me hungry! I’m such a sweets person, but when it comes to savory foods I’m either into ramen (just like, packaged kind) or spicy chicken!

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