Hello all! Recently, Jackie over atΒ Too Much of a Book Nerd, did a post on the Get to Know Me tag. This tag is a lot of fun, and I really recommend you read Jackie’s one, as it was such a hoot to read, and I learnt a lot about her πŸ˜€

With that in mind, she left the nominations open to those who wanted to do it. I put up my hand as it looked like so much fun to do! So, here we go πŸ˜€

Vital Stats

Name:Β Angela

Nicknames:Β Ange, Angy. Those are the two main ones.

Birthday:Β December 9

Star Sign:Β Sagittarius

Occupation:Β Infants and Toddlers Teacher at a daycare centre

2016-09-06 10.36.23


Hair colour: Darkish brown

Hair length: Medium, it falls somewhere between my shoulders and mid back

Eye colour:Β Brown

Best Feature:Β I’ve gotten compliments about myΒ eyelashes. They’re long. So let’s go with that.

Braces: No, I kinda wish I did, as my teeth are a teensy bit crowded, but still symmetrical. Too expensive though..and they seem annoying.

Piercings:Β Just regular ear lobe ones

Tattoos:Β Just the one, which I talked about in my blog. A small lotus above my ankle. I still want that full mandala on my arm though. I’m planning to go in and get it soonish.

Right or Left Handed:Β Right


Real Holiday: My family moved us to the Philippines when I was 4. We lived there for 2 and a half years. Does that count as a holiday? No..okay. While in the Philippines, we went for a week to stay in Palawan. That was a proper holiday.

Best Friend: Sheila in kindergarten in the Philippines. No idea what she’s up to nowadays.

Award:Β Probably something school related. Actually, I came in first in my whole class at kindergarten, in the Philippines. We had a proper graduation ceremony and everything, I had to make a speech. I don’t recall this, must have blocked it out.

Sport:Β Technically, netball when I was 10. I played for the whole year, and I was pretty good…I think.

Concert:Β Ed Sheeran. The X tour in 2013 for his first ever album πŸ˜€


TV Show:Β I quite enjoy rewatching Parks and Recreation or Brooklyn Nine Nine. They don’t get old, even with millions of rewatches.

Image result for parks and recreation gifs

Colour:Β I’m fond of cream colours and pastel colours. I like shades of cream, blue and pinks in general.

nice beach wedding colors best photos:

Songs:Β Right now, Ed Sheeran, Lorde and Alessia Cara are what I listen to the most.

Restaurant:Β I tend to prefer cafes over restaurants. I really like a place called Sweet Mother’s Kitchen and Five Boroughs. Both specialise in American style-diner food. Both have good food.

Not my picture
This is a picture I took of my key lime pie from Sweet Mother’s. I love pie.
Image result for five boroughs wellington
Not my picture
Image result for five boroughs burger
Not my picture either, but look at that burger :O

Shop:Β The Warehouse! I have spent the most money in that one store over the course of my life.

Image result for the warehouse store
I have spent hours in here

Books:Β I’m gonna have to go with the Harry Potters

Image result for harry potter books
I still prefer the original covers to the newer ones

Shoes:Β Currently, my favourite is these white Clarks. They’re so cute, but they don’t go with every outfit. I wear my dark grey ankle wedge boots the most, as they go with every outfit.


Feeling:Β Tired, I just finished work, and I’m finishing all my posts that are scheduled for tomorrow.

Single or Taken:Β Taken! Legally married and everything.

Eating:Β A crinkle cookie I made over the weekend. I’m also writing a post about that later in the week.

Thinking About:Β Eating another cookie.

Watching:Β Project Runway. I got hooked on it last week. I just thought it would be fun to watch on Netflix, and now I’m invested.

Image result for project runway gifs make it work

Wearing:Β My blue and white stripy sweater, and black jeggings. I’m very comfy.



Want Children:Β Yes, I would love kids. We have agreed that our priority should be getting a home first. Then we can add kids to Team Jenkins. We have agreed that we would want a max of 2. Any more is too much.

Want to be Married:Β I do want to be married, luckily I am.


View More: http://kentyuphotography.pass.us/angelarorywedding
Getting sick of me talking about my wedding yet? πŸ˜›

Careers in Mind:Β I’m happy with my current role as a teacher. I honestly want to keep doing this forever.

In keeping with how Jackie did her nominations, I’m opening this up to everybody!! It was so much fun to write. Please do tag me if you do this, cause I would love to get to know you guys better πŸ˜€


41 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Tag

  1. I’m born on December 25. we’re December babies haha. Love these type of posts it’s so great to know more about bloggers, this way we make friendship as well. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah do it! Consider yourself tagged Cheila πŸ˜€
      As for kids, I don’t think I could handle more than 2. I love teaching them, but if I’m gonna have them with me 24/7, I’ll be happy with just a few XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay!!! I love this tag a lot as you really get to know the person who is behind the blog! I love those colours that you’ve chosen, pastels are just so pretty 😍
    And that tattoo is so nice! I really want to get one as well, I just can’t seem to decide what to get!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jackie! This was so much fun to do πŸ˜€
      Pastels are just such nice colours, I’ve always loves them.
      Picking a tattoo can be hard, I’ve loved mandala ones since I first found pictures of them on Pinterest XD

      Liked by 1 person

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