30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 12

Welcome one and all to Day 12. You guys know the drill. Make sure to check out what Maggie and Cheila answer for these challenges too!

Day 12 is about Places I Have Visited.

A lot of you may already know about all my travels, because it’s a big interest in my blog. So this post may link to a lot of older posts that will be able to tell you in more detail about these places.

Let’s start locally.

New Zealand, my home country.

Image result for new zealand map cities
Here’s a basic map of NZ that leaves out a lot of cities, but it’s the one that shows all the places I’ve been to


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Bonus Round

Hello all!

So regular readers may know that I say I will only create a post about each award I get nominated for once. Well this is still technically true…but I wanted to show my appreciation for those amazing bloggers who have nominated for awards, even if I’ve already done a post about it.

So, here’s a bonus round from the past month and a bit of all those lovely people who have nominated me again for awards!!

One Lovely Blog Award

Image result for one lovely blog award

To see the original post and rules, you can click here – One Lovely Blog Award

Ann-KathrynKali and Shanika each nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Thank you lovely ladies for nominating me! Go check them out! Anni’s blog name goes by Glucksgeist, she does all things baking and DIY. Kali writes about life, beauty, a little bit of travel, and she often shows off her finds at thrift stores which I love! Shanika blogs over at Orchids and Sweet Tea. She writes about her life, family, baking and all things creative! She has also nominated me for three more awards, so you’ll see her name pop up a lot in this post 😀

Rather than do the whole award again, I will stick with just thanking those who nominated me, and sharing 7 facts.

  1. I spend way too long everyday writing, reading and commenting on posts (but I love it)
  2. I used to skip from room to room when I was younger. I sometimes still do that now until someone catches me.
  3. I feel like my voice has slowly been getting deeper these past three-five years. I used to hit high notes when singing, and now I can’t.
  4. I like to hum while doing anything and everything.
  5. I poke out my tongue when I’m concentrating. I never noticed this until people began pointing it out.
  6. I constantly bang into things at work, home and everywhere
  7. I love to try belt out those long notes at the end of songs, even when my voice breaks.

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Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman

Let’s continue the random challenge I made for myself by listing television shows that I can recommend from A-Z. We’ve covered A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and now we move onto H.

H is for Bojack Horseman.

Image result for bojack horseman titles

I am a fan of quite a number of the original Netflix shows. Bojack is something I decided to watch purely because it looked weird. It was also animated, and I was a bit bored with live action. Also, I found out that Alison Brie (from Community) was in it, so I wanted to have a peek at the show. I binge watched the first two season, and have recently finished the third. This show is amazing, hilarious, and weird. It does satire, pokes fun at everything, but also has incredibly serious moments, and has a very flawed main character (and supporting cast really), which makes it even more interesting.

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