Let’s continue the random challenge I made for myself by listing television shows that I can recommend from A-Z. We’ve covered A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and now we move onto H.

H is for Bojack Horseman.

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I am a fan of quite a number of the original Netflix shows. Bojack is something I decided to watch purely because it looked weird. It was also animated, and I was a bit bored with live action. Also, I found out that Alison Brie (from Community) was in it, so I wanted to have a peek at the show. I binge watched the first two season, and have recently finished the third. This show is amazing, hilarious, and weird. It does satire, pokes fun at everything, but also has incredibly serious moments, and has a very flawed main character (and supporting cast really), which makes it even more interesting.

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So, here’s the premise. The show is set in a world where half animals/half humans exist. Bojack is a humanoid horse, he was huge in the 90’s, he was the lead in a sitcom called Horsin’ Around, in which a horse adopts three kids and it’s a standard family sitcom. It was huge, but when it ended, so did his career. So now it’s 2015, and he’s still living off the money and fame he got from the show, which is rapidly ending. He’s pretty messed up, grumpy, rude and doesn’t get along with anyone. So he decides to write a book to kickstart his career, that’s where the first season starts.

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The show touches on serious topics (depression, drugs, abortion, politics, to name a few), balancing them well with humour and satire, but knowing when to hold back. It also has random absurd episodes which I’m always up for. Each season is only around 12 episodes, and with each episode being 20 minutes long, it’s easy to binge watch.

Alright, let’s get into more quotes before taking a closer look at these characters.

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On a side note, that last quote tends to stick with me. They’re talking about running, but I think it’s the same with developing any good habit. It gets easier, but you have to do it every day…and that’s the hard part. This show has amazing quotes.

Now, let’s look at the core group of characters.

Bojack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett)

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Bojack has a lot of issues. Issues with his parents, with his friends, with his partners, his drinking, his work, everything else. He starts off idealistic back in the 90’s, but now he’s bitter, jaded and depressed about everything, but especially Hollwoo. He still clings to his fame from the 90’s and is very egotistical, but has shown himself to be caring at times. However, his insecurities and desperation for approval and to be liked gives him self-destructive tendencies, which affect those around him as well.

Todd Chavez (voiced by Aaron Paul)

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Todd is naive, but well meaning. He is a human who lives as Bojack’s roommate, without paying anything because of his lack of money or job. He sees the best in Bojack, and Bojack secretly cares for him. He is often endlessly upbeat, even when being insulted, and constantly shouts HOORAY! He has lots of ideas which tend to go nowhere, but he’s never down about it. He also has a weird habit of landing himself in crazy and dangerous scenarios.

Mr Peanut Butter (voiced by Paul F. Tompkins)

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Mr. Peanutbutter is a human labrador mix. He is always cheerful and upbeat, similar to Todd. Mr. Peanutbutter was also a big actor in the 90’s, and Bojack sees him as a rival, while Mr. Peanutbutter simply admires him for his acting skills. He has since been more successful than Bojack, landing different gigs. With his money, and Todd’s ideas, they often go off on random little business adventures that make no sense. He is Diane’s boyfriend, later husband.

Diane Nguyen (voiced by Alison Brie)

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Diane is a human, who works as a ghostwriter. She agrees to ghostwrite Bojack’s biography. She is nice, smart, well-reasoned and considers herself a “third wave feminist”.  She develops a strong friendship with Bojack which sticks through some awkward times. She is often misunderstood, but she does really mean well. She lives with Mr Peanutbutter, and at the end of the first season, they get married.

Princes Carolyn (voiced by Amy Sedaris)

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Princess Carolyn lives a hectic life. She is very successful as an agent as she will do anything to get the job done. She often struggles to find a balance between work and personal life. Especially as she has an on again, off again relationship with her main client, Bojack. Through all this however, she enjoys the craziness, she likes taking care of others even if her own life is a bit of a mess.

There you have it! Bojack Horseman was a very interesting show, and I still enjoy rewatching it to see what secrets I’ve missed. It’s a show that just keeps getting better. While season 1 was average, season 3 was incredible, leading to some really hilarious and heartbreaking moments. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for something new to watch on Netflix!

I (the letter, not me) will be coming up next Tuesday!


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