30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 15

Maggie and Cheila, we’re halfway through!! Also, this means that we’re halfway through May. Time seems to be flying by 🙂

Day 15 of this challenge is about Phobias.

I don’t have any phobias. I have dislikes, and I have general fears, but no phobias. So for this one, let’s talk about general fears.

I used to be scared of the dark as a kid, it freaked me out so much. Now, I’m alright with it. I understand that it’s not the dark that is scary, but that whole pesky fear of the unknown thing. That being said, I’d rather be somewhere familiar when it’s dark, or with someone familiar. As it helps make me more relaxed. I don’t mind walking around town at night, but there is lots of lights and people around. If it was all dark, well that’s a different story.

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I have a general fear of spiders, again not as bad as before. They just freak me out. I’m now able to dispose of them if need be (unless they’re moving around a lot and suddenly they have a web and are just dangling there, then I drop it and run off looking for  Rory). There’s just something unsettling about them. Fun fact, I searched up spiders to look for a picture to use, but I got too spooked so I looked up pictures of their web instead.

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These are the two most common fears that happen a lot, as these are things that I deal with a lot. I also have other fears to a minor extent of failure, or doing something wrong at work, loneliness, death, loss…but I also feel like all of these I can deal with. I have a good support system, I’m level headed, and I feel like I’m strong enough to deal with anything that comes my way. I guess it’s the optimist in me.

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Anyway, this post kind of went a bit off-topic, but I really don’t have any phobias or huge fears, so I just let myself ramble and see where my thoughts take me.



Weekend Review

Weekend Review

Hi guys! So I thought I would start updating you guys on my weekends. Often, there’s not too much going on. But I’ve gotten into the habit of making a list of things I want to get done in the weekend, but a lot of it never happens. So at the end of my weekend recap, I will show you said list and we’ll see how I did 😀

Busy Saturday

We got a fair bit done on Saturday. I spent my usual morning in my comfy chair, catching up on blogs as I always do. During this we also got the laundry done, unfortunately the weather is gray and cold so we had to leave it inside.

Then we did our usual grocery run. As a sidenote, I really dislike when people leave their trolleys anywhere in the carpark.

Why would you do this? Is it really that much harder to just take your trolley back to the bay..

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