30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 18

Maggie,Β CheilaΒ and I are doing the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge. Here we are at Day 18.

Today’s prompt is about Things I Have Learned From Blogging.

Here’s a few things I have learntΒ during my few months blogging.

  • How much I love writing – this little blog has reignited my passion for writing. I love writing, about anything and everything. Its nice to have this as a creative outlet πŸ˜€
Just two months in, and I have already wrote more than 100 posts
  • How much I love taking photos – like with writing, I have realized how much I love to photograph what goes on around me. I know people say to live in the moment and not through your phone, but I like a healthy dose of both. I want to capture moments so I can look back on them, and then I’ll put the camera down and enjoy myself (before bringing it back a few minutes later). I take so many photos, you guys only see a small portion, but I love going through them all on lunch breaks, or rainy days, and reliving all these memories.

  • The internet is not as bad as I thought – The internet can be a bit of a magnet for negativity, trolling and general meanness. But I have had the opposite experience here on my blog! I have had nothing but positivity and encouragement during my time here, and I always look forward to coming online.

Image result for internet hugs gif

  • Community – Kind of related to the previous point, I’ve learnt a lot from this amazing little blogging community. I love to read what everyone posts about, from general life experiences, to advice, to-do lists, reviews, beauty, travel, diy, baking, lifestyle. you can literally find topics ranging on anything and everything! I’ve found so many amazing bloggers, and I consider you guys my online friends! I love seeing and reading what you get up to. The support and encouragement makes blogging all the more fun. You guys are all amazing!

Image result for internet hugs gif

  • Challenges – I have also learnt a little of how challenging it is to fully commit yourself to daily blogging. It takes a lot of time and energy, trying to come up with great content on a daily basis can feel a bit taxing. When that happens, I step back, do something else for a bit, hang out with Rory, and stop thinking about the blog for a few hours. Then when I come back, my brain is rearing and buzzing with so many ideas! Sometimes, you just need to recharge.

Image result for recharge gif

  • Get involved – I love to get involved with all the tags, awards, challenges, collaborations and prompts that are floating around! It’s a great way to show your appreciation for other bloggers, and (for me anyway), they are just so much fun! I’m not normally a ‘joiner’ in things, but with blogging, I have dove in headfirst and I’m having so much fun! πŸ˜€

Image result for diving gif

What have you guys learnt from your time blogging?


26 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 18

  1. Check, check, check, all of them πŸ™‚ Congratulation on 100 posts. I love that you blog daily. It’s great to have something from you to read every single day. You’re one of my favorite bloggers, you know that!!

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      1. Ha! I am actually. It’s 9pm here, so I’ll be up for another half hour or hour. I have to get up at 6.30. I’m trying to read my book but I keep checking my blog πŸ˜‚

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      2. That makes two of us. How can this shit become so addictive? I have this on all day long, checking it between tasks, think about it at night.. It’s like an unpaid job

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  2. Hallo my blog addicts, I am a fellow addict too πŸ˜‰ I have to tear myself away from the laptop mostly. Angela, you are right. At times you have to take a step back and do something else to return to the screen all refreshed and go clackety clack.

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    1. Hooray for fellow addicts πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
      I often have trouble tearing myself away from my blog. Even when I get off the laptop, I jump on my phone πŸ˜‚
      Anyway, I really should get off
      I should sleep πŸ˜„

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  3. Never fully thought about things I have learned from blogging. I commit everyday to blogging, but the real challenge is coming up with new posts because somedays it is harder to come up with a post than others

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    1. It’s a nice thing to reflect on. If you struggle for ideas, Pinterest is a good way to look for ideas. There’s lots of challenge or blog ideas on there which you might like πŸ™‚


  4. I agree with all of these! I enjoy getting involved. Some days I get so busy and don’t have time to but then I feel like there’s no point in blogging if I’m not connecting with my readers.

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    1. It is an amazing part of blogging! I always check my phone for notifications during the day πŸ˜€
      It takes me a while to catch up on reading everyone’s posts though. But I try to do my best with responding to people’s comments πŸ™‚

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