30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 19

Hi! Welcome to Day 19. Also, it’s Friday. That’s unrelated, but man I’ve had a long week. Anyway, remember that Maggie and Cheila are also doing this challenge 🙂 (If you follow all three of us, then you’re probably well aware of this already XD )

So if you read the little excerpt thing, you’ll already know, that today’s prompt is about Why I Started My Business. Now, to be completely honest, I do not have a business. You guys may know that I’m a daycare teacher for under two year olds. I also spend all my free time blogging, so I can’t also fit in a business.

For this prompt, I thought I’d look into what I could start as a business, maybe way down the line.

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The Liebster Award


liebster award

I was nominated by two lovely ladies to do this award! The amazing Ella May Garrett, who I really recommend you guys check out if you don’t already know her. She is an amazing blogger, and such a  sweetie! I was also then nominated by Jamie, who I’m sure most of you guys know, and if not, then go over and say hi! In her words, she’s just a word girl doing lifestyle and beauty things. You’ll definitely find something of interest to read 😀


  • You must acknowledge who has nominated you and also share their links
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions that you have been asked
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers whose blog you would recommend
  • Ask 11 questions that you would like those bloggers to answer
  • Let the bloggers you have nominated know that they’ve been nominated.


  1. I live in New Zealand, and have for all my life, except for a few years when I was younger in the Philippines
  2. I am a middle child
  3. I’m currently 25 years old
  4. I can still proudly say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (my 8 year old self was so proud when I figured it out)
  5. I have terrible eyesight and have to wear glasses all day every day
  6. I have my ears pierced, but I barely wear earrings
  7. I was always considered myself good at maths until I tried calculus (big mistake, what even is that subject)
  8. I like to talk to myself or make sounds while I work, Rory has said that I make thinking noises
  9. I am almost always craving something sweet
  10. I only have coffee once a day, but I’m pretty sure I need it more
  11. Most, if not all, of my closest friends do not live in the same town as me (pretty much all really, most of them aren’t even in the same country as me, how’d that happen?)

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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and here we are at J. Did you sing the Alphabet song when you first read the beginning? I did. Anyway, J is for Jessica Jones! We’re nearly halfway through the alphabet now.

Image result for jessica jones

Sidenote, I love this image they used for the show. It’s so cool. As you can see, this is yet another Netflix backed show. What can I say, they have some amazing shows. You guys may or may not know, that I am a fan of superhero shows. I watched Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, but I lost interest. Jessica Jones is only one season so far, so it still holds my interest. Plus, it’s pretty damn good.

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