30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 21

Maggie,ย Cheilaย and I are doing the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge. We are leading up to the final week. As tiring as this has been, I’ve also been quite happy writing this. Its led me to write about things I wouldn’t have otherwise! That being said, today’s prompt is meant to be about Goals for my Etsy shop, which I do not have. SO! I’m going to do something random and different like yesterday, from tomorrow on though, I should be able to stick to the original prompts ๐Ÿ™‚

For today’s post, I was looking through my camera feed, and realized that I had gotten in the habit of taking photos of our grocery cart every week. Why you may ask? ….I don’t know, I just photograph everything nowadays ๐Ÿ˜€

So I’m going to share the photos with you for no reason.

Here’s our groceries from today’s shopping:

Coffee, pizza, noodles, eggs, cheese, all standard. Except we did throw in a thing of jelly cause we (me) have been craving it.

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Tattoo Wishlist

So hey! You guys may know about that one tattoo I have cause I talk about it a lot.

Here’s a more recent picture of it:

unnamed (1)

It’s no longer bumpy, in fact I can’t even feel it when I put my hand on in. It’s fully healed! Which brings me to my next point. I now want that full mandala tattoo I was originally planning.

I emailed back Angie, and told her I was keen to return. I saw a recent drawing she had done on Instagram, of a floral mandala:

Inline image 1
So pretty!!

I don’t really want the rose, as I’m not too keen on roses, but I loved all the delicate leaf details, and the twist from a stand-alone mandala! So I went in last Tuesday after work for a consultation. Angie says she loves to come up with custom drawings, so she would work on an original mandala pattern for me. I promised to email through the styles I liked. She also talked about putting the mandala in the middle part of my upper arm, and having the leaves coming out above and under, but curving with my arm, so it would look like it was moving as I moved. I couldn’t really picture that but it sounds cool! So now I’m really excited. The appointment date is set for Sat 1st July. The reason it’s quite far is because we had to book in 4 hours (cause this is a larger tattoo) so also it’s going to cost a lot more, and I gotta save up specifically for it. I don’t think it’ll really take 4 hours, but more time is better just in case. My lotus was meant to take 2 hours, but really it was only around 30 minutes, so I’m feeling good.

Anyway! This all led me back down the Pinterest hole of looking at tattoos, both mandalas and everything else. So from here on out, let’s look at more tattoos and possible future tattoo ideas for me (or you guys)!

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