30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 22

We are in the final leg of this challenge Maggie and Cheila! Day 22 is about What I Am Most Proud Of.

I am proud of quite a few of things at the moment. I’m not really one to toot my own horn so to speak, but hey this is the prompt for the challenge right?

  • I’m proud of LifeofAngela. My little blog has become my passion project, and it has already exceeded all my expectations (and continues to).
  • I’m proud that I have continued to exercise regularly this past month.
  • I’m proud of my wedding. I did plan pretty much all of it, as I was having so much fun. I did end up delegating a lot of the tasks on the day, and leading up to it, and everyone was happy to help out. Our wedding day went so well, and I was so happy, I stopped caring about all the little details and just enjoyed myself.
  • I’m proud of my job, of the kids I teach, and the amazing people I work with.
  • I’m proud of my family and the amazing things they continue to do.
  • I’m proud of Rory and of how amazing he is. He’s so thoughtful, sweet and the best partner any girl could ask for.
  • Basically, I’m proud of the life that I have lived, and I’m excited to see what happens next 🙂
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Weekend Review #2

Weekend Review #2

I can put number 2 in the title, so I guess I can officially consider this a series in my blog! Yay!

Early Start Saturday

So we had an early start this Saturday. We had a 9am meeting with an insurance manager at the bank, in a branch that is a 30 minute drive away. So yeah, no late start for us this weekend.

The weather was pouring down and freezing, typical. But we were ready to go and out the door by 8.20.


We arrived there early and loitered until 9, where we had the meeting. I will skip the boring details, but it all went relatively well. We agreed to a good insurance cover, and it has offered us some peace of mind. We were being great adults. I also finally managed to change my last name at the bank at least. So that’s one down, a gazillion to go.

By the time all this was done it was quarter to 11. Where did our morning go? With our head buzzing with a lot of information about life insurance, income protection etc, we decided to get our grocery shopping done. Also, the weather had stopped raining, the sun was shining, but the wind was still ice cold.

Wtf weather
If you really squint into the distance, you can see some snow on top of the far off mountains

We did the groceries, and by the time we got home it was already almost half past twelve. Rory put away the groceries, and I kicked off the laundry as we hadn’t yet done that due to that early meeting.

Then I went and tidied up our bedroom as we forgot last week, and our clothes pile on the bed and floor was getting extreme again.


So now that we can actually comfortably lie down in bed again, it was time for a quick lunch.

After lunch, I caught up with my post reading, and set up my posts for the next day as I hadn’t written or scheduled them yet. This included emailing back Angie about tattoo ideas for the mandala, and tracking down a few work emails.

The work emails were about helping out a colleague fill in a survey for a course she was doing on her leadership, and the other was from my team leader about a self review we were doing about our environment which we need for our meeting on Monday. Got that done, and now it was 3.30 pm. Time for a break yes? By break, I mean I’m going to write more blog posts (like starting this one!).

So this carried on into dinner time. Since I had just finished Me Before You, I was also keen to watch the movie.

I did manage to do some baking after the dishes though! Look out for that post tomorrow! I posted a picture of the final product already on Instagram yesterday 🙂

Then we watched the movie. There was so many faces from so many different fandoms there! Beyond Daenarys and Finnick, there was also Neville?? Clara?? Tywin??!!

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I liked the movie, it was cute and I loved the two leads. But the book (as always) was better, at least for me.

Sleep In Sunday

So we didn’t wake up till 8.30, then no one got up till 9. We had breakfast at 9.30, and I started blogging around the same time. Somehow we lost track of time and it was now 11.30. We wanted to look at that home we saw last week again. The open home was at 12, so we headed off.

It may look sunny, but it was only like 10 degrees, that’s 50 degrees for you Americans 🙂

We met up with Rory’s dad (who also wanted to have a look) and had a second look at the place. I still love it, but I am fully aware that it will need some work. Not too much, but some, enough to think about how much we want to offer, taking into account how much the work will cost. So much adulting this weekend.

Anyway, we got back home just before 1, and had lunch. I finally folded and put away the laundry. Then I went back onto blog.

At 2, we left for our meeting with the property agent. We let them know we’re interested and we’re now going through the process of making an offer. There’s so much to go through, but we’re slowly getting into it.

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Hello stock photo. We even have a lawyer on top of all this now. Does that make me an official adult?

Afterwards, I went to the library to get After You, and return Me Before You. I returned Me Before You, but After You wasn’t ready to be picked up yet. Darn. I stopped by in Typo on the way home, and came out with only one thing, which is rare 😀

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Such a good store
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The Land of Stationary
I got a three year journal. Each page has a prompt, and a space to write three times. One for each year, so at the end you have a collection of thoughts ranging over three years! I actually had been thinking about getting this for a while, but kept umming and ahhing, but after reading Ella‘s post about her own 5 year journal, it got stuck in my head again! XD I’m so happy with it! I can’t wait to start filling it in!

Then I hopped back on blog, and forgot about cleaning again. Next weekend…I swear. Anyway, after that, we had dinner, washed dishes, did our own thing for a while and went to bed!

To-Do List (For some reason it got long this weekend):

  • Get ‘After You’ from the library as I finally finished ‘Me Before You’ – I went, but the reserve wasn’t ready to be picked up yet.
  • Write and schedule more posts for the upcoming week
  • Check out new followers blogs – ish. I’ve checked out a few, but you guys are coming faster than I can keep up 😛
  • Unfollow some blogs, those who haven’t posted in over a month, inactive ones, etc.  –  I did do this, I was following 382, and now I’m down to 312. Around 30 of those were just dead sites though :/
  • Do some baking
  • Do some cleaning around the house
  • Do some driving
  • Household errands – Grocery and Laundry
  • Meeting #1 – Insurance Manager at 9am on Saturday
  • Meeting #2 – Property Agents at 2.30 pm on Sunday
  • Change last name at the bank
  • Start trying to change last name at other places (IRD, Drivers License, Passport, etc) – ish, I’ve looked up the process online at least
  • Check out open home for property we saw last week again
  • Fill in survey for colleague at work
  • Think of data gathering ideas for self review at work

What did you guys get up to this weekend? 🙂