30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 26

Welcome to Day 26 of the Blogging Challenge. I’ve been doing this all month with Maggie and Cheila! Today’s prompt is about People I Admire and Why.

Okay, well you guys know that I admire my family. I literally talk about them every other day, they’re the topic of a lot of my Photo Challenges. And guess, what? I’m going to talk about them again. But I’ll keep it short, and then I might talk about some celebrity type people I admire, to shake things up.

blenheim 0 271

Dad and Mum. I admire them together and individually. I admire that they are still together after 30 odd years together. I admire that they raised three well-adjusted (for the most part) children. I admire how hard they worked for us to finish school and get into university. I admire the lessons they taught us, and the endless love they have for us.

My siblings, Jo and Andrew. I admire them both for different reasons. I admire my older sister for how strong, smart and clever she is (especially at Art), and I’ve always looked up to her (literally, girl is an Amazon). I admire that you put up with my many questions, and our late night chats about anything and everything. I admire my younger brother for his smarts, knowledge and weirdness. I always thought I was the weird one, but you always found a way to top me, as was your job as the youngest sibling.


Rory (You all knew he was going to show up). I admire your knowledge and skills when it comes to directions, cars, computers, and all things I know nothing about. I admire your unwavering support in all my many interests, especially when it comes to blogging. I admire your honesty in all things, even when it’s to let me know that you’re trying to watch your show but I’m rambling about something completely random. I admire that you always want to make me happy, to motivate me, and push me a little out of my comfort zone. I’m not the same girl I was when I met you, I’ve changed for the better 🙂

Now that we have finished the family portion, let’s talk about people I admire who I have never met!

Image result for emma watson

I mean, duh. Emma Watson is the picture of grace, feminism, smarts, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, kind human being. She also was Hermione and Belle, two clever ladies who had the biggest hearts, along with their super brains.

Image result for amy poehler

Both Amy and Leslie are both incredible people I admire. They are clever, quick witted, ambitious, positive and amazing people. I strive to be as awesome as both Amy and the fictional character she played.

Image result for lin manuel miranda

Finally, Lin Manuel Miranda. I admire his brain, his talent, his creativity, his sunshine personality, and everything about him. He is such a force of nature, and Hamilton is proof of that. As is his many other works, but Hamilton is what introduced me to him. “There’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait”

Also, I’m cautiously optimistic, as my last comments have been going through. Hopefully all is well.

That’s all for people I admire! Who do you guys admire?


21 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 26

  1. Your love for your family (including your husband, obviously) is inspiring. I love how close you are to them. I wish I had a brother, I have always wanted one. But I love my little sister and we’re very close, so I’m happy I have her. Also, Rui is my best friend and that is a great replacement for a brother. We are super goofy together, make the most inappropriate, not political correct jokes and just talk about anything. You and Rory seem to have that kind of relationship as well which makes me happy. ❤

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    1. You and Rui seem to have a great relationship too! One where you can be completely yourself, comfortable, happy and secure 😀
      It’s great to have that!! ❤
      I'm so happy to have an amazing family, I love that we're like a 'standard' tv family, Dad, Mum, two sisters and a younger brother XD I love them to bits!!

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      1. I won’t lie to you, I wish I had a dad. I love my stepfather and he has told us he loves us as much as he loves his biological children but he came to my life when I was sixteen. Before that there was no father figure. I used to cry because I knew I would have no one to walk me down the isle. Sorry for such a sad comment lol

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      2. Fair enough. I can sympathise, but I literally can’t empathize with that situation. I can’t imagine going through that, and it sucks that you went through it :/ I’m aware that I’m lucky when it comes to family, and I definitely don’t take advantage of it.

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  2. It is good to admire your loved ones and let them know about it. The photos of your family are so lovely as well. The one at your wedding is golden. It must be so interesting to see the long way you all have come. I often sit and wonder about the journey of life so far, you know how it has turned out for my brother and I. It also means that I see the amount of effort my parents have put into us. Love such as that is insurmountable xx

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      1. The last I often took for granted but as I go through life I see the why and wherefore of their actions (which I might have deemed harsh at one point). It is good to have come to that realisation xx

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  3. You have a beautiful family! Loved seeing your pictures with them. I also admire the relationship you have with your husband. I have some amazing friends and family that I admire so much! Oh and I also admire Amy Poehler. Who wouldn’t want to be Leslie Knope?!

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  4. I do admire characters in literature and even the ones that are in musicals. I love my family as well even though my sister and I never seem to get along. I do admire having a relationship with God.

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  5. I like this post, I haven’t really come across this before. I admire my parents as well and a couple of my friends as well.

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