We’re back at it again with the A-Z Challenge. L is for Legend of Korra! Like withΒ Jessica Jones, this show has an awesome female lead. It’s also another animation.

This takes place in the same world asΒ Avatar: The Last Airbender, with Korra as the next Avatar.

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I heard about this show after I finished Avatar, as a big fan of that show, I was interested. I didn’t really get into this show as much. It took a while to suck me in. But Book 3 itself was outstanding enough to convince me to include it on this list. Korra’s story is a lot different to Aang’s. All three books of Avatar deal with one big overarching storyline, while each of the four books of Korra’s story have a different theme.

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Here’s the premise. This series is set 70 years after The Last Airbender finished. Korra is the next Avatar, unlike Aang, she embraces this and loves her position. She is talented, and has already mastered three elements, except for Air. She’s the opposite of Aang in many ways. She comes to Republic City to learn Air from one of the last Airbenders in the world, Aang’s son Tenzin.

Also, another bonus for the show is the art style. It has some gorgeous imagery, especially when it comes to landscape.

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The show, like its predecessor is very funny and light, but with serious overtones and themes surrounding it. The third book even got considered a bit too dark for tv, and the last few episodes only aired online.

Anyway, here are some quotes:

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Image result for legend of korra gifs quotes

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Image result for legend of korra gifs quotes

And now it’s time for the character portion.

Korra (voiced by Janet Varney)

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Brash, bossy and stubborn, Korra is the latest Avatar. She is very skilled, and while starts off fairly arrogant, she grows as a character and becomes more compassionate and clever as she fully takes on her role as the Avatar.

Asami (voiced by Seychelle Gabriel)

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Gorgeous, clever and rich, Asami starts off as a love interest for Mako. She quickly becomes part of the team and proves to be an irreplaceable member. She is skilled in engineering, and is very resourceful. Even though she is a non bender, she is very good at hand to hand combat, often fighting with an electrified glove.

Mako (voiced by David Faustino)

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Mako can be considered sullen, moody and stubborn. Similar to Korra in many ways. He is very loyal to his friends and family, particularly his younger brother Bolin. He takes charge and has looked after them both for many years. He is also a skilled firebender, and ends up working as a detective.

Bolin (voiced by P.J. Byrne)

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Bolin is the ultimate fangirl. He is the comic relief, wears his emotions on his sleeve, often puts his foot in his mouth and relies a lot on his older brother to get him out of trouble. That being said, he is a very strong Earth bender, and can definitely hold his own.

Tenzin (voiced by J.K. Simmons)

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Aang and Katara’s son, he is the now the last Master Airbender. He is the grumpy dad to three adorable and mischievous kids. He is often short with Korra, but you can see how much she means to him. He offers guidance to Korra as well to the others. He is also an incredibly powerful airbender, and I love when we get to see him in action.

Lin Beifong (voiced by Mindy Sterling)

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Toph’s daughter, Lin is the chief of police. The police are all metalbenders (a variation of earthbending). She is very grumpy, mean, and holds nothing back. She becomes a strong ally in Team Korra.

Legend of Korra is a worthy successor to The Last Airbender, it can definitely hold its own. Have any of you guys seen this show before?

That’s it for L! M will be coming next Tuesday.


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