30 Days of Blogging Challenge – Day 27

Maggie and Cheila, my challenge and blogging buddies, we’re almost at the end! Welcome to Day 27! Today’s prompt is about a challenge I overcame.

I have overcome many challenges, (some were due to luck, others due to working hard, a lot were due to both) but this post asks for one in particular. So let’s strap in for a story time.

In November 2014, I had completed my one year, full time Graduate of Diploma teaching course. I was now a qualified early childhood teacher, rearing to go and optimistic about getting a job. I was currently working as a reliever, and was already struggling to make my half of the bills for Rory and I. I had opted to go back to being a poor student and move out of home to be closer to campus. This put more pressure on Rory, as he had to make up for what I couldn’t. Bless him though, he never complained. It got to the point where all I could pay was my half of rent, power and internet, and everything else was up to him. I didn’t buy anything that whole year pretty much, and I saved nothing.

I applied for everything, every job listing for any Early Childhood job. I applied to around 20, heard back from 10, and got to the interview stage to at least 4. One let me know straight away that they decided to go with someone more qualified. Okay I guess that’s fair. Many of the ones who emailed back had the same response. They decided to go with someone with more experience. By this stage, it was January, I was starting to dip into savings now I didn’t get government assistance as university had finished. Rory and I started thinking about Plan B. Maybe we would need to move back to one of our parents’ houses until I was able to get a stable job.

Finally, in February, (my savings were getting lower, our lease was about to expire, and I was ready to full on freak out ) I got to the interview stage for two more centres. I made sure that they were asking for new teachers, or graduate teachers, those who didn’t ask for someone with much experience. As they were both for covering maternity leave, they were happy to take a chance with someone new. I loved the first centre, it was a mixed age group, ranging from under 1s to 5. I spent an afternoon there as a trial, I got along with the teachers and the kids and I was in love with the place. The interview went great, they told me that I was one of 3 out of 20 candidates who got to the interview stage. I left feeling great. The second centre was small too. It was in town, and also mixed age. They had a separate area for the under 2’s. I remember being shown around the centre, and meeting all the teachers, everyone was lovely, and the kids were noisy and happy. I was again terrified in the interview, I had read up a little on the place, and due to the many other interviews I had, I knew what sort of questions to expect, and had examples and answers at the read. I left that interview also feeling great.

During a relieving job, I got a call from centre 1. They loved me, but had chosen someone else, I was very close though and they wished me all the luck. I was shattered, I thought I had nailed that interview. I went back on the floor, thinking about asking mum and dad if it was cool that we crashed there for a bit. I’m sure it could be worse, but to me, this was a low point. In my next break, I had a missed call from centre 2. I expected another sorry, but instead the manager said that they had loved me, that I seemed really enthusiastic, I had thoughtful answers to their questions and I would be a perfect fit in the centre. When could I come in to start? I literally screeched with joy, which alarmed her, but then she laughed. I had a job!! A job I’m still in over two years later.

Then, there was our living situation. This is when luck steps in again, we decided to look at a place near town. The flat wasn’t ideal, but it was perfect for two people, and bigger than the bedsit we were in previously. We jumped on it, and moved in on the day our lease ran out in the previous place.

So there we go, that’s a lot rambling. But there’s a challenge I overcame. A combination of luck, perseverance, determination, with a dash of freaking out. I’m aware that everyone has challenges they overcome, others may be more severe than mine. But I wanted to share my story.  I’d love to read a post, or a comment about a challenge you guys overcame. Celebrate the victories, both big and small 🙂