Date Ideas

So for this post, I thought I’d talk about date ideas.Β I’ve thought about dates that Rory and I have done together, and I’ve compiled them into a list here. Lists are fun. I’ve also added pictures, for bonus fun.

Ready, here we go.


  • Go out for a walk – around town, waterfront, beach, gardens
  • Go for a swim
  • Go out for a hike (Or an extreme walk as I call it)

  • Go out to a museum or a gallery
  • Go out and have a meal at a cafe/restaurant, or just grab icecream
  • Go to the zoo/wildlife park
  • Go shopping
  • Go for a drive
  • Catch the sun set
  • Plan and go on a vacation
  • See a movie
  • See a concert
  • Play mini golf
  • Have a picnic


  • Movie night at home, bring your own movie snacks and everything
  • Play games – board games, card games, video games
  • Cook/bake something together
  • Binge watch a show together
  • Read a book together – this is harder to explain. But sometimes, one of will read aloud a book to the other, using crazy voices and everything. We did it when Rory was reading Harry Potter and it was a lot of fun. Not for the whole book though. Cause our voices can’t go for that long. But a chapter every now and then.

Any date ideas you guys want to share? πŸ™‚


29 thoughts on “Date Ideas

  1. That water looks so clear and beautiful! And that food looks so good lol! I don’t go out on dates much, I must be boring lol. I do go to the movies sometimes or rent movies to watch at home. This summer I want to do a lot more

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  2. I love this! All your pictures of you and Rory are so cute! Also I died a little from happiness when you said you guys read together- that’s simply too adorable aha love ya bb!πŸ’œ

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  3. This was such a lovely post! I love that you included personal photos of you doing the majority of the ideas too – that is so sweet. You two are just so adorable together! I wouldn’t call it a fun chilled date ahha but my boyfriend and I have started running together which I have been really enjoying. Great ideas my lovely, definitely going to try cooking something together soon! xxx

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