We are halfway through the challenge! We’ve been through A-L and we have landed on M. M is for Misfits.

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Now, I’ve only watched the first three seasons, after that too much of the main cast is gone and it’s not as appealing to me. To be honest, I started losing interest during the third season, but I stuck it out. The first two seasons however are outstanding!

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This is from the opening credits

Here’s the premise. A group of ‘misfits’ are rounded up for different reasons, they have been put together randomly to do community service. They are all unique characters, all with attitude and indifferent to the others. During their time picking up rubbish together, a weird storm appears. Seriously weird. Lots of ginormous hail balls and crazy clouds. Then they get struck by lightning. From there on out, we discover that they (and a lot of other people in town) have developed superpowers.

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I loved this show. Their sense of humour, the dialogue, the story, the characters, the random array of powers. It was just so much fun! It was definitely not a standard ‘superhero’ show, just a bunch of regular people who get powers, and how they deal with them.  The characters were key to why I loved this show, which is why as they left, I lost interest and couldn’t connect the same way with all the new characters.

Let’s have a look at some quotes:

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Image result for misfits tv show gifs

Image result for misfits tv show gifs

Image result for misfits tv show gifs

Image result for misfits tv show gifs

So much sass and attitude. It’s hilarious. Coming up next, I’m going to talk about the original five. Now, there will be a little spoilers coming up, because I’m going to talk about their powers as well.

Nathan Young (Played by Robert Sheehan)

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The show is not in black and white, I just like these gifs

Ah Nathan. He’s very charismatic, and is kind of the leader of the group. He’s an idiot, speaks without thinking, rude, dismissive, kind of a dick, but he makes the show great. The way the actor says Nathan’s lines makes him loveable even when he’s being the world’s biggest ass. He takes the longest to find his power, it’s an all season hunt. At the end of the first season is the big reveal, he’s immortal. Which leads to lots of dying and returning in the second season.

Simon Bellamy (Played by Iwan Rheon)

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A quiet, angsty kind of lad. Simon is often overlooked by his peers, seen as the weirdo and outsider in a group full of misfits. He gains the power of invisibility, which he slowly gets control over. His character grows throughout the season, he becomes more confident. He also later goes back in time from the end of the third season to the end of the first, which is confusing to explain so I’ll stop trying.

Kelly Bailey (Played by Lauren Socha)

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Kelly is very in your face. She will let you know if she has a problem, will speak her mind, and has a big attitude. She does also maneuver as the heart of the group. She really cares, but mostly to those closest to her. She has been described as a bit of a ‘chav’, and it did take the whole episode for me to pick up what she was saying. She’s got a strong accent. Her power is mind reading.

Curtis Donovan (Played by Nathan Stewart-Jarett)

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Curtis is a serious kind of person. He was a rising athlete set for the Olympics but was found with drugs (in a club), so as a public shaming, he lost all his privileges and was made an example of. He’s very disappointed about all this, and is a bit prickly when the subject comes up. His power is to go back in time (not too far back though), and has used it to get him and his friends out of some awkward (and dangerous) situations.

Alisha Daniels (Played by Antonia Thomas)

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Alisha is a party girl, a bit precocious and has to be the centre of attention. She banks on her looks to get by, and takes great care in keeping up appearances. She’s also got a bad attitude, but so does everyone else. She does grow over the course of the seasons though. Her power is a bit difficult to explain. Whenever anyone touches her skin, they’re driven insane by lust. At first, she likes this, as she views it as a compliment, but that quickly stops being  the case.

There you have it! I do recommend giving this show a go at least. It’s so much fun!

That’s all for M! N will be coming on Friday.


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