This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge theme is about aΒ Friend.

β€œThe language of friendship is not words but meanings.” β€” Henry David Thoreau

I have a few very close friends, these are friends who I can go weeks without Β talking to (because we often get busy in our daily lives), but when we catch up to chat, it’s like nothing changed. These close friends I have known since high school. They’re amazing people and they inspire me for different reasons.

Kruti is one of my closest friends. We’ve known each other since the beginning of high school. We both can’t remember who friended who first. Just that, we bonded and never left each other’s sides. We were very touchy-feely friends which I normally wasn’t before. We hugged constantly, and sometimes would randomly hold each other’s hands. We talked for aaaaaaaaaages about Harry Potter, as well as completely random subjects. Β She also shares my love of taking photos of things, and we constantly take selfies now when we’re together XD This carried through till uni, and then when she moved to Australia. We love when we’re able to catch up, and this was most recently done at the wedding!


Cape Preparing 2



Sarah is one of my closest friends. She shares my love of sci-fi and fantasy shows (she knows more than me actually), movies and games. Growing up, I was at her place often as we attempted to pull many all nighters with movie marathons (I almost always fall asleep eventually). She is currently living in China teaching English (Hi Sarah), so I haven’t seen her in person much lately either, but we Skype and message each other consistently. She is also the reason behind my Peru trip, that Β trip brought us even closer together. We had an amazing time, we did also bicker a teensy bit, but hey if you go on a one month long backpacking trip with your close friend and live in close quarters for all that time, you’re gonna bicker a little XD Our friendship stuck it through though!


hill 005.jpg



I’m proud to have these ladies as my two closest friends. They’re both smart, gorgeous, talented ladies who, by association, make me that too XD

Thanks for reading!


18 thoughts on “Friends

  1. You’re also one of my closest friends! Your presence feels comfortable and I’m always learning from our conversations and rambles. I don’t even remember what we bickered about, but as you say it was practically inevitable. I’m glad to have you around πŸ˜€ (and I’m pretty sure you know more than me about lots of those shows. You always have some interesting tidbit).

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    1. Aw yay!! I’m glad you’re blogging now so we can chat on here as well πŸ˜„
      I only vaguely remember minor bickering and I think it was during our airport stays which were long and tedious πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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