Welcome back to the A-Z Challenge, we’ve just passed the halfway point and are up to N. N is for The Nanny!

This is a show that I loved watching growing up. It was just so cute, and I always loved how Fran Drescher’s character.

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So 90s

This was a classic 90s sitcom, filmed in front of a live studio audience. I haven’t watchedΒ a full episode recently, but I love to watch clips on YouTube. Plus, I still love the intro.


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So, here’s the premise (which is kinda explained in the intro). Fran Fine gets fired and dumped by her employer/fiance. She turns up selling makeup at the Sheffield’s door, who are looking for a nanny. Max is recently widowed and needs help looking after his three lovely kids, Maggie, Brandon and Gracie. She accidentally gets hired, but proves to be the perfect addition to the household. And the shenanigans begin.

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Also, it’s fun to see the fashion. Especially with Fran, herself. She wore some amazing and crazy outfits.

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Now let’s have a look at some quotes. Most by either Fran, or the sassy butler, Niles.

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Image result for the nanny quotes

Now for the main characters.

Fran Fine (Played by Fran Drescher)

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Another classic Fran outfit

Fran is outgoing, loud and very sarcastic. She accidentally lands the nanny job, but proves her worth. She is more street smart than book smart. She has a somewhat overbearing mother, who often pressures her to get married and have kids of her own. Β She often gets herself into troubles and random shenanigans.

Maxwell Sheffield (Played by Charles Shaughnessy)

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Max is the patriarch of the Sheffields. He is a widowed Broadway producer and hires Fran to help look after his three kids, because of his very busy schedule. Eventually, he and Fran start a relationship.

Margaret (Maggie) Sheffield (Played by Nicholle Tom)

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Maggie starts off as a shy and awkward teenager. She constantly argues with her brother, but considers herself a mentor to her younger sister. She instantly bonds with Fran, and through her relationship and guidance, blossoms and gains confidence.

Brighton Sheffield (Played by Benjamin Salisbury)

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As the only boy, Brighton feels left out so goes out of his way to cause trouble. He initially dislikes Fran, but eventually trust her and bonds with her as well.

Grace Sheffield (Played by Madeline Zima)

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Grace is the youngest of the kids. She is prone to using long words and naming medical conditions. She is in therapy at the beginning of the show, but through her relationship with Fran, she decides she doesn’t need to go. Eventually, she starts looking up to Fran as a mother figure.

Chastity Claire (C.C.) Babcock (Played by Lauren Lane)

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Maxwell’s business partner for the past twenty years. She thinks highly of Maxwell and clearly likes him. She thinks very highly of herself, but doesn’t think much of Fran. She also constantly forgets the name of the three kids, and has an ongoing feud with Niles.

Niles (Played by Daniel Davis)

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The Sheffield’s butler and chauffeur. He and Max have known each other all their lives. He immediately bonds with Fran, and they become fast friends. He often undermines C.C. and is very sarcastic.Β He is also a bit of snoop, likes to know what’s going on and listens in to conversations.

Do any of you guys remember this show? Let me know!

That’s all for N. O will be coming up next Tuesday.


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