Have You Met Cheila?

So, hey, quick intro. This is a new series I started yesterday called “Have You Met…?” where I talk about my favourite online friends, and hopefully convince you guys to go check them out if you haven’t already 😀

Yesterday’s was Have You Met Dippy Dotty Girl?

Ready, let’s go.

So, you’ve probably figured out who today’s post is about (cause her name’s in the title).

Haaaaaaaaave you met Cheila?

Btw, I love this photo Cheila!

The above photo came from me diving more into Pink For Days, which is the name of Cheila’s blog! Because she loves pink. Look at the jacket she’s wearing, pink. Case closed. Cheila, btw, if there was a spike in numbers on lots of your old posts, that was me! I got lost in a rabbit hole of posts, and I couldn’t get out for a while 😀

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Past Letters (and 600 followers!)

Hi! Before I get into today’s planned post, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone, as I’ve reached another milestone. I now have over 600 followers! I am both proud and bewildered at the (alarming) rate my blog has been growing. I really don’t think I can call this blog little anymore XD Seriously though, I reached 500 only 10 days ago. I was keeping an eye on the count, and I thought I had time to think of a special post to do in celebration of reaching 600, but it came waaay faster than expected! So I will simply say thank you once again to you guys. I will think of something to do when I reach 700. I have no idea what though, but if the numbers could rise slower that would be great, cause it is lowkey freaking me out 😛 But also, thank you!!

Back to the planned post.

Have you guys heard of FutureMe? You can use it to send letters to your future  self. It sends it to your email, and you choose the date. Once you write the letter, you need to verify it’s your email, and then it gets saved and sent to you on that date. I found it in the beginning of 2015, when I was just out of uni, jobless and just spending time on the net. I wrote one to myself one year in the future, as well as one that I will receive on my 30th birthday. I honestly can’t remember what I wrote. It bugs me, and I won’t get it for another 5 years! Anyway, I thought it would be cool to share with you guys the letters I wrote to myself.

I mostly write one at the beginning of the year, and the date is set for the following year. I’ve done this every year since 2015. My first one was written on January 1 2015, and I received it on January 2 2016.

Dear FutureMe,
So right now its the beginning of 2015, and you’re alone in the house listening to BabyMetal. I’m hoping that while I read this email I have a few things sorted, speaking mostly in the career department. I really hope you have a full time permanent job and we’re on our way to getting Provisional Registration. Also it would be cool if we had saved up a decent bit, cause being financially stable would be a nice change. Then we can go to cafes without feeling guilty. Also I assume we’re still with Rory, it would suck if we’re not, but I see no reason for us to no longer be together in one years’ time. It would also be good if we made more headway and maybe go for full license, but that doesn’t really matter. I hope Kruti’s wedding was fun, and that we didn’t screw up as maid of honour. Basically I hope things are still the same, except that I would have an actual job and decent savings. Maybe even planning to do an overseas trip at some time 🙂
Anyway..this will be interesting to read. I wonder if I’ll remember I wrote this…Probably not

From the past Angela

So let’s unravel this. Early 2015 me was really freaked about my job prospects. Also, Babymetal? That rings a faint bell. Early 2016 me had saved up a lot. Way more than 2015 me thought I would. As for Kruti’s wedding, that didn’t happen in the end, but that’s a long story, and not mine to tell. But I did what past Angela asked, I got a stable job and decent savings and I’m still with Rory.

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