Orphan Black

Orphan Black

Let’s keep going with this A-Z Challenge I got going on. We’ve made it to O.

O is for Orphan Black

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I love this show. I got sucked in during the first season after binge watching it. I’ve been keeping up with it since it aired, and I’m looking forward to the final season coming up this month!! I love shorter shows that have 10 episodes per season, rather than the US ones which have more than 20. These have less filler/random episodes, and we can just get into it.

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Weekend Review #4

Weekend Review #4

Hi! So this is going up on Tuesday for me (but Monday for all my US and UK readers I think), as we had a long weekend. It was for Queen’s Birthday, it’s not her actual birthday though, but every first Monday of June, we have a public holiday. So prepare for a longer weekend review.

Errands Saturday

I woke up late (late for me) at 7.30 am. Yes, that’s not late at all, most would consider it early. The first thing I do was turn on my laptop and see what’s been happening in the blogiverse. I caught up on notifications first as I do, and then I went on to Cheila’s blog as their was links to some of my posts that needed approval for the Perfect Party series. I’ll leave the link here. It was so beautifully written, and I could really feel the love and support through the text. Thank you Cheila! I’ve left long rambly comments on the post, but if you read this (which I think you will, as you listed all the weekend reviews on your post XD ) I wanted to say thank you again 🙂

Then I checked emails and got a little sidetracked. Some of you may know Marzia. She’s big in the YouTube and online world. Well, I got an email about an upcoming summer box. I love those. I got her holiday one last year, I keep trying to buy other boxes but when I tick that NZ (Other countries) box, it says there are no shipping options which sucks. But I tried for this one, and it worked! I was excited, but also a little guilty cause I’m meant to be saving up and only spending money on important things. But also, I loved the products from the Holiday Box, and I still use some now. So money well spent?

Summer Box

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