Let’s keep going with this A-Z Challenge I got going on. We’ve made it to O.

O is for Orphan Black

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I love this show. I got sucked in during the first season after binge watching it. I’ve been keeping up with it since it aired, and I’m looking forward to the final season coming up this month!! I love shorter shows that have 10 episodes per season, rather than the US ones which have more than 20. These have less filler/random episodes, and we can just get into it.

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Here’s the premise. Clones. That’s pretty much the bulk of it. This is a sci-fi drama show. Sarah is a con artist/hustler person who is in trouble. She witnesses a girl end her life by jumping in front of a train, and the girl looks exactly like her. This kickstarts the series, and Sarah quickly goes down a rabbit hole of discovering about clones, betrayal, espionage, and all sorts of fun stuff. It’s just addicting to watch, and the main actress who plays all the clones (Tatiana Maslany) is amazing.

This show is amazing! I still can’t get over how many characters Tatiana plays, and how they all feel different. When you see them all in a room talking, it’s funny ย to think this is all just one actress, talking to herself pretty much. It’s also a show that keeps you on edge at times, as well as gasping out loud cause plot twists. I’ve been invested in this show for agesย  and I can’t wait to see how they wrap up the show.

Quote time!

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Okay, now I’m going to talk about characters. I’m going to stick with the core clones, and then include other side characters closest to said clone. It’s just easier for me that way.

Sarah Manning

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Sarah is kind of the leader of the group. At first she uses the clone situation to her advantage, but as she gets to know them more, and finds out more about their past and Project Leda, she gets invested and does her best to protect her ‘sisters’. She also has a daughter, Kira, which is a big deal as all the other clones are barren. She’s ‘special’. She’s close with her foster brother, Felix, and foster mum Mrs. S (Siobhan).

Cosima Niehaus

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Cosima is the science of the group. She’s a graduate student studyingย evolutionary developmental biology (evo-dev as she calls it), which ties in nicely to her investigating clones and her own lineage. She’s smart, clever, andย gets into a relationship with Delphine, a French exchange student also studying evo-dev but has an ulterior motive.

Alison Hendrix

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Alison is a typical soccer mom. She’s uptight, strung out, judgemental and also an accidental murderer (spoiler?). She’s hilarious though, and often gets into her own shenanigans outside of the rest of the other clones. She also does what I do when I swear, which is to replace it with a random word. She has proved her loyalty to her sisters a lot, as well as to her husband and children.


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Helena is kinda crazy, a trained assassin, and raised by Proletheans (who emotionally and physically abused her). All of this has made her one of the most interesting characters. She says the weirdest shit sometimes, and she also has the weirdest food habits, but as time goes on, she’s their best ally. I always cheer when I hear her music motif come up, cause you know she’s about to do something amazing. Fun fact, she and Rachel are the only fraternal clone twins.

Rachel Duncan

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Rachel is the only self aware clone. Basically, she was brought up aware she was a clone, and is one of the higher ups in the Institute that made them. She is filled with ulterior motives and no one should ever trust her.

So yeah, those five are the core clones. I really do recommend this show! I still can’t get over how amazing Tatiana is with playing so many different characters in every episode. Looking at the face, you know it’s the same actress, but the way each character talks, walks, moves their body or even gives a look is different. Which can’t be easy to do. Props to her! Plus the surrounding characters, storylines, plot twists are all so good, it just makes for a fun watch.

That’s all for O. P is coming up on Friday! (You may already know what it is)


20 thoughts on “Orphan Black

  1. uggh I LOVE this show!! You’re right it’s so addicting and Tatiana is amazing. I’ve seen some behind the scenes stuff and it’s incredible how long one scene with multiple clones in it can take but she’s still so great at all her different performances! :p Great post!

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  2. I love this show so much!! I have no idea why it isn’t more popular than it is because Tatiana is such a great actress and I still have no idea how she pulls off so many different characters. I can’t wait for the next season but I’m so sad it’s the last one ):

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  3. I’m so in love with this show!!! I’ve only seen the first two seasons *shame on me* but it’s honestly so good! And Tatiana Maslany is absolutely incredible, the way she pulls off all of these different personalities is astounding! I really need to catch up in time for the last season!

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  4. Orphan Black is absolutely the most underrated show on television! I can’t wait for the first episode of the final season this Saturday!

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  5. Ahhh I love this show too! I’m glad to know there are others that love it just as much, as many people in England don’t seem to know or like it (weird?!). I remember watching season1 and being hooked straight away… I’ll be sad when it ends ๐Ÿ˜ช X

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