It’s time for another Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is Order.

Things stacked or put neatly side by side, in rows or columns.

One of my favourite part of going to stores is seeing how neatly everything is organised. If you walk into a store and see a huge pile of clothes or books just thrown everywhere, would you buy or browse there? Probably not. Unless it’s a sale bin or something, then order goes out the window.



Clothes hung up neatly, ordered by brand, colour and size.




Cards and books lined up neatly in piles and rows, which sometimes I will straighten out if I’m browsing around and something strikes me asΒ really out of place.


Bakeries are another place where you can find workers who spend lots of time making the goods line up neat and tidy. I wonder if it bugs them as much as it does me when someone takes bread from the middle of the pile? Maybe just me?

When it comes to my own baking, I try ridiculously hard to make sure they’re all lined up evenly on the tray. Or even when I’m taking the photos of them, I want them to look neat and tidy.


Sometimes you can find order in your family home, where someone will spend ages lining up photos on shelves to make sure they’re all spaced apart evenly, and in good order.

Order just makes what’s on display a lot more appealing, satisfying, and easy to find.Β But you know just cause one can appreciate order, does that mean every aspect of their life will also be tidy? Well..

Nobody’s perfect right? πŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “Neatly in Order

  1. Ugh I love order! Even just the thought of planning my week out in a daily planner is therapeutic!

    Thanks for sharing; you have great content and I’m looking forward to future posts.
Come visit if you get a chance!
    Have a good day!
Mena from 🌷

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      1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know. I saw that in one of your responses to the comments above. Just wanted to make you say it again. πŸ˜‚
        How did you manage to live there?

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  2. I gots the disorder too πŸ˜‰ But it works for me as I think it does for you. So here’s to a world of order, and most importantly, cookies in neat columns and rows. Oops did one just get gobbled up?

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