Wedding Sweets and Treats

Welcome to another TBT! Today’s is another wedding related one. Last year in May, I emailed two businesses about wedding cakes, one called Sweet Bakery and Cakery, and  the other one called Stiletto Studio Cakes. I had heard amazing things about both places. In June, we went to a tasting at each one.

First, Stiletto Studio Cakes is incredible. They do amazing and creative designs.

We went into the tasting with no idea about what we wanted. We just thought, hey…cake. The tasting was a group one with around 20 people. Everyone milled around trying cake. They had lots of little pieces of different flavoured cakes, as well fillings, icings, examples, and all sorts. The lovely people who worked there asked us what we were thinking for our wedding cake. We wanted something small ish, as we were having a small wedding, we didn’t want a huge cake, as who would eat it all? Other than that, we had no idea. We liked a few flavours (vanilla, and lemon and raspberry stuck out a lot), and said we would email through ideas or any questions we had.

Next, we went to Sweet Bakery and Cakery. They were a smaller business, but just as recommended. They did more ‘naked’ cakes, they looked less ‘spectacular’, but just as beautiful.


This time, the tasting was one on one. We met with the owner Grace, (who apparently is friends with our wedding florist), and she had brought lots of mini cupcakes in a range of flavours that we were interested in. In our original email, she asked what kinds of flavours we liked or were interested in, which we appreciated. I scoffed down all the mini cupcakes as we talked about details and what our thoughts were. She was the one who first suggested a cupcake tower, with a small one tier cake on top. I really liked that idea, and it stuck. I saw a few on Pinterest which I emailed through.

Displaying wedding cake and cupcake idea 1.jpg    Displaying wedding cake and cupcake idea 2.jpg

After talking with Grace, and seeing the designs they did, we decided to go with them. We liked their style better, and we really got along with Grace. It was just a matter of personal preference.

Now, it took us aaaages to land on the flavours for the cakes and the cupcakes. We went back a few times to try out different cupcakes, because they were all just so delicious. Also, a week after our tasting, they opened up a branch of their bakery literally minutes from Rory’s work. I found out when he came home with cupcakes. I think it was fate to choose them.

Salted Caramel and Raspberry White Choc

After literally weeks of discussion, we landed on Lemon and Raspberry for the cake. Grace talked about buttercream roses for the icing (we aren’t fans of ganache or fondant), and we decided we’d sort out the cake topper. For the cupcakes, we landed on Mocha, Choc Peppermint and Peanut Butter Choc. We rented a cupcake stand from them, signed the contract, paid and that was that! This was all sorted during June of last year. It was one of the earliest parts we landed on, along with the venue and photographer. It was also one of the most fun parts of planning our wedding!

So, to wrap up this post, here comes some photos of our wedding cake and cupcakes on the big day.

View More:
Cutting said cake
View More:
Close up of our amazing cake and cupcakes
My best friend and M.O.H. Kruti took this lovely photo of her cupcake choice (Peanut Butter)

Now, I will end this on a serious, sad (at least for me) note. I did not eat any of the cake, and barely any of the cupcakes on my wedding. I KNOW! How could I?? Look, I really wanted to try them leading up to it, but on the day (and the rehearsal the night before), I didn’t feel hungry. It was really weird, I had scoffed all the previous cupcakes I tried, but the whole day, I  just didn’t feel hungry. I did eat between the ceremony and reception though, as food kept being thrown in my direction (Rory and Kruti’s doing). But I barely tried our amazing desserts. Our guests loved them though. We got more cupcakes than guests, so we encouraged people to take them home, which many did! Also, we split the remaining cake between our families, as we were off to Fiji and didn’t want it to spoil. Long story short, all those jokes about people saying that you wouldn’t eat much on your wedding day turned out to be true for me. That is probably my only regret on the day. If/When you guys do/did get married, remember to eat cake.


46 thoughts on “Wedding Sweets and Treats

  1. No no no how did you not give in?! Nerves huh? Or just too excited? 🙂 In any case, I have an idea. Maybe when you celebrate your anniversary you can get the same baked by Grace, and this time, jolly well dig into them by the dozen! Maybe I could get one too *bambi eyes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I was so sad, especially when everyone talks about how good it was 😭
      That’s a good idea, instead of waiting for our anniversary though, maybe on his or mine’s birthday, we’ll get that lemon and raspberry cake again 😃
      No idea how I’d get some to you though 😆😋

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think the cupcake tower base was a genius idea. I just love these photos. Because I love cake!!! But my favorite photo was the one with humans in them. It was just soo cute. 😉 ❤
    Now, see what you've done. I WANT SOME CAKEY GOODNESS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank Jainey! We really loved that we went with the cupcake tower than just a caked, it meant more flavours, and also people could take some hone (which many did!) Go have some cake yourself! 😛 🙂

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  3. Beautiful cakes! Your wedding cake idea looks delicious and beautiful. So many options and possibilities. Wedding preparations can really be overwhelming. A good support group/ team help make everything easier. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Cherylene 🙂
      The wedding planning process was fun for the most part, but it did get stressful as we got nearer to the day, luckily all my friends and family were incredibly supportive 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Fair enough. It definitely depends on taste. The fantastical looking ones are normally made with lots of fondant or marzipan to get the cool designs but I despise the taste of those. Even buttercream is too much for people. Should you get married (Not saying any time soon! 😃) maybe opt for the naked cakes. Those without the crazy icing, then you get just regular cake with whatever flavours you like and decorate it with fresh flowers. That was something else I was considering if we were going to do only a wedding cake 😄

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  4. oh my gosh those cakes are incredible! I’m always so fascinated in people who design and create these cakes, so talented! I don’t even really like cake but I semi want them just because I want a cool designed one…. (mostly just to instagram) hahah

    xo, JJ

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