Bonus Round #3

So I keep getting enough nominations to fill up another Bonus Round post! You guys are too much!

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Thank you Chibird for the existence of this adorable gif

Let’s get started!

The Cramm Award


Original post here – The Cramm Award

Riya nominated me for this one. Her blog aims to inspire and motivate one and all. She shares photos, travels, inspiration and even shares her writing with us all. Go check her out! My dear friend Maggie recently nominated me for this award as well! I’m sure many of you know her already, but she is another big part of this blogging community and always writes and shares amazing posts!

Riya’s challenge question:

  • What is your meaning of life?

Honestly, my meaning of life is to be happy. That may be cliche, but that’s honestly all I want in life. To be happy. I don’t really have any urges to go deeper than that, to say I want to change the world, or live some crazy life. As long as I’m happy, I’m okay.

Maggie’s challenge question:

My Question: What’s your favorite inspiring quote? Why does it inspire you?

‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ Maya Angelou’s quote always reminds me of being aware of what I’m doing, or what I’m saying. If we think back on people we knew, even people we met for a short time, the impact they leave, how they made us feel is often the first thing we remember. So, I try to be positive, supportive and encouraging, rather than rude, dismissive or judgy (is that a word?).

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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

We’ve made it to P. The A-Z Challenge continues.

P is for Parks and Recreation!! Did anyone call that I would do this for P? Because you should have!

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Parks and Recreation is an amazing show. It’s shot in mockumentary style, where the characters are aware of the cameras, and often have little talking head moments. I personally am not a fan of the first season, the second was good, but it’s not till the third season where the show really hits its stride and doesn’t let up on the comedy. It’s one of my favourite comedies ever, and I still watch it constantly.

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