Have You Met Jenny?

Hey guys, yesterday’s Have You Met was about Maggie. I started this series last week, and now I’m up to my fourth installment. Thank you for all the support you guys have given me with this series! I hope you’ve been checking everyone out 😉

Right, to today’s introduction.

Haaaaaaaaave you met Jenny?


Jenny blogs over at Sit Back and Just Live. She is based in Boston, over in the US. She is 27, and lives with her longtime partner Andrew. She is very close with her family and friends, and her and Andrew have recently gone on an amazing West Coast road trip down to California! I’ve been following her adventures on Instagram, and it looks like they’re having an amazing time! She has just returned to the blogosphere yesterday, and I’m so excited to hear all about their adventures!!

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Things To Tell My Brother

Things To Tell My Brother

Last month, I did Things I Learnt From My Dad, today is my brother’s 19th birthday, so it’s his turn to get a devoted post. Hi Andrew, if you’re reading which I doubt you did without being bugged my dad, mum, Jo, me (probably). We do this out of love, and also, cause now my blog is a thing that we sometimes talk about in my family. Not all the time though, cause I post waaaaaay too much for them to read everyday. That’s fair, I love to ramble, just ask Rory. Also, hello rest of family if you’re reading! Hi Mum and Dad. Hi Jo and Tib. Rory doesn’t normally read my blog, just cause I talk to him as I write them, he knows what they’re about. Anyway, this intro went way off track. Later today, we will be heading over for gifts, dinner and chatting.

My brother’s name is Andrew. He is the baby of the family. Over the past few years, he has grown taller than me, and that act of betrayal cannot be forgiven, I’m sorry 😛 Andrew is smart, weird, hilarious (sometimes unintentionally), and lately, has been a typical teenage boy where trying to get info out of him is like trying to punch through a wall with a plastic spoon, it just doesn’t get anywhere. But eventually, he opens up and it’s nice to catch up. So, as one of his wiser and older sisters, I’m going to talk about things I would like to tell my brother.

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