Last month, I didΒ Things I Learnt From My Dad, today is my brother’s 19th birthday, so it’s his turn to get a devoted post. Hi Andrew, if you’re reading which I doubt you did without being bugged my dad, mum, Jo, me (probably). We do this out of love, and also, cause now my blog is a thing that we sometimes talk about in my family. Not all the time though, cause I post waaaaaay too much for them to read everyday. That’s fair, I love to ramble, just ask Rory. Also, hello rest of family if you’re reading! Hi Mum and Dad. Hi Jo and Tib. Rory doesn’t normally read my blog, just cause I talk to him as I write them, he knows what they’re about. Anyway, this intro went way off track. Later today, we will be heading over for gifts, dinner and chatting.

My brother’s name is Andrew. He is the baby of the family. Over the past few years, he has grown taller than me, and that act of betrayal cannot be forgiven, I’m sorry πŸ˜› Andrew is smart, weird, hilarious (sometimes unintentionally), and lately, has been a typical teenage boy where trying to get info out of him is like trying to punch through a wall with a plastic spoon, it just doesn’t get anywhere. But eventually, he opens up and it’s nice to catch up. So, as one of his wiser and older sisters, I’m going to talk about things I would like to tell my brother.


  • I’m glad he’s not a girlΒ – okay, let me explain. I vaguely remember when Mum announced that she was pregnant I said out loud that I hoped it was a girl. I wanted a little sister for some unknown reason. Jo was more keen on a boy, as there was already two girls. I’m happy that we got a little brother though, I feel like it would have been a much different dynamic with three girls in the family. (Dad would be so outnumbered)
  • You were the cutest baby and kid – I mean, let’s be real, the Woollett kids were all damn adorable. But as I remember Andrew more as a kid than I remember of myself at that age, I have more visuals to go off of. Now…eh. I’m just kidding, we’re all gorgeous.
  • Joannnnna – I love the way Andrew and I would say Jo’s name growing up. It’s just funny. I have endless memories of him or me saying “Joanna. Jo. Joanne. Joanna. Joannna. Jooanna. Joaaaaannnnnaaaaa.” Until she finally showed up, looking fairly annoyed. Maybe that’s why she just goes by Jo now.
  • Inside jokes – I love all the endless inside jokes. Macademia nuuuuuuts. It’s a SURPRISE. Aren’t you Glaaadstone? (No one else will understand this).



  • Photos and videos – I love the endless amount of weird shit me, himΒ and Jo have caught on camera. It always cheers me up,Β and I love looking back and seeing the chronology of weird things caught on camera.
  • Games on top of games – I have so many memories of us playing games together. While some was with the whole family, a lot would be just Andrew and me. These included card games, board games, computer games, video games… It was often us two, trying to convince the other family members to come play with. When they didn’t, then we would play on our own.
  • Video Game Madness – This relates to the previous point, but I don’t think we ever bonded as much as we did playing video games together. So much mucking around on co-op games and friendly fire. I’m surprised we ever completed some of these games. Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Portal 2… On top of that, we also played many single player games. Taking turns on the old PS2 to complete Kingdom Hearts 1 and then 2. Giving each other tips and helping each other out on the bits we didn’t like. How did he ever manage to beat Sephiroth? Seriously?? I still can’t! Btw, remind me to recommend Final Fantasy to him, I think he’d like it.
  • Buzz – Yet another game, but hey, it’s the biggest interest we share. I love how growing up, every birthday celebration, he would try get all of us to play Buzz. I mention dad’s love of trivia in his post, but we were all into it. We could never beat Dad though.

blenheim 0 285


  • Facial expressionsΒ – I have to say, I love that little smile you do when Mum (or me now) decides to do the family posed photos. It’s hilarious. I also love that weird face you make where you look exactly like Grumpy cat. How does you face do that?? But also, I love when you get caught doing a genuine smile. My favourite photo of you is the featured one I used for this post from the wedding. It’s a genuine laugh and I love that photo.
  • The remaining two – I feel like we got a little closer after Jo moved out. There was definitely a dynamic shift. As the remaining Woollett kids at home, we hung out even more. We talked more, even having some real discussions and not just being weird. Now that I too have moved out, I really miss that.
  • I’m sorry I was mean sometimes – I have memories that stick out in my head as huge regrets which he may not even remember. Often Andrew would come around and want to join in/hang out, as younger siblings do. I remember sometimes being mean and short tempered (especially when I was a moody teen myself), telling him to ‘go away’, ‘I don’t want you here’, etc. Sometimes even yelling. I would feel bad afterwards, but I never apologised. So I’m doing it now. I’m really sorry.
  • We’re more alike than you’d think – I have talked about our mutual love for games. But looking through some older photos, we also have a mutual love for always having our headphones in. Our musical tastes are very different though.


Can you spot AndrewΒ in the background?

Okay, now we’re getting into the real deep stuff. You ready for more? This time, I’m directing my comments directly to my dear little brother.

  • Let’s chatΒ – Like, proper long conversations.Β When we ask how’s things, and you just say “Good” or “Okay”, it brings the conversation to a screeching halt. I know it’s the typical teen response (which means you only have one more year to use it), but I am genuinely interested in your life and the happenings in it. Elaborate, tell me about your classes, new youtubers you’ve found, what jobs you’ve tried applying for, new games you’re playing…Talk to me little bro πŸ™‚
  • You could be doing more – Look, I know I constantly bring this up. As does Mum and Dad , Jo,Β me and now Rory. But, you have smarts, and I know it’s easy to get complacent and happy in your own little comfort zone. But there’s so much more you could be doing. Even if it’s just going for your learner’s license, or applying for more jobs, not just through SJS. I know job hunting sucks, but you have to try more, and hopefully you’ll luck out.
  • I love you – Let’s end it on the best note. I know this was a long rambly post, and I ended it on gentle nagging, but that’s my job as a big sister. Jo will back me up on this. I really do love you and care for you, which is why I said all this. Whatever you choose to do, we will all support you, we really do believe in you and we want you to reach your potential. You also have a big brother now adding to all this, with Rory (and Tibor probably) also jumping on the bandwagon of “Andrew, you can do more. Give it a go”.

Happy 19th birthday Andrew. I love you πŸ˜€


37 thoughts on “Things To Tell My Brother

  1. This is the sweetest post! Happy Birthday to Andrew!!

    The relationship and bond with your siblings is unlike any other. Your siblings will likely know you longest out of anyone in your life. The inside jokes, secrets, and memories you share with them are priceless!

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  2. Aw happy late birthday to Andrew (btw, great name πŸ˜‰ ) I love this post you’ve dedicated to him, it shows how sweet and a loving sister you are! You guys are sooo darn adorable as kids, I’m loving all the baby photos!!! I also think it’s funny when you wrote “I’m so happy he’s not a girl” that cracks me up! Coincidentally, I also always wished I had a baby brother for some reason rather than a sister….yet I never got either lol I was the last one haha Hope he has a great 19th year!!!

    xo, JJ

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